Sundown at the Grove

Last Wednesday, I visited Sundown at the Grove presented by Southwest airlines.  The event is weekly and showcases craft breweries paired with cuisine created by the Grove's chef!  I feel a bit cheated since this event has been around for five years and this is only the first year that I heard of it!  When the organizers invited me to attend, I jumped at the chance to experience Sundown and of course share my experience with you all! How it Works The event is hosted on the Grove's upstairs patio which is hands down one of the best rooftop patios [...]

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Buffalo Bayou Brewery

If anything, this blog has forced me to be more adventurous when it comes to my foodie excursions.  I am always looking for new and unique content to keep things fresh around here.  Over the weekend, my friend invited me to Buffalo Bayou Brewery with a small group of his co-workers.  Not going to say that I leaped at the chance, because I am not a beer drinker, but after giving it some thought I decided that it may be worth the trip. Location/Setup: Buffalo Bayou Brewery is located off of I10 about a block or so away from the [...]

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Buff Burger Review

Buff Burger invited Black Girls Who Brunch to a media event a few weeks back.  I am still new to this blogging stuff so every time an invite lands in my inbox I get really excited! Please trust that I am honest to a fault, therefore the only places I will be mentioning on this here blog are places I actually enjoyed.  I do want to note on posts when I am invited for a media event because my experiences at the event will be different than the average patron.  What should stay the same no matter the occasion is [...]

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Punk’s Simple Southern Food

I appreciate brunch, and the many different types of brunch spots that are available here in Houston.  You need goto places for the days that you are feeling fancy and want to dress the part.  You also have to keep a list of places where sweats, no makeup and hair in a bun will not be a faux pas.   A few weeks back, after spending the night turning off weather alerts for an impending flood, my friend and I were in dire need of one of those simple laid back brunch spots.  We decided on Punk's Simple Southern Food.  As a [...]

Spain’s Great Match Giveaway!

I love a giveaway and I have a great one to share with you all! On Tuesday, November 10th, Spain's Great Match will be hosting an event right here in Houston at the Silver Street Studios.  For the price of admission, you will be offered UNLIMITED wine and tapas during the walk around tasting portion.  I also checked out some of the wines that will be served at the event here. They will have quite a variety! I like to research events, so I even browsed pictures from the Spain's Great Match event in NYC on Instagram.  From the pictures, it [...]

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The Del with Houston Food Bloggers Collective

I jumped at the chance to be on the Houston Food Bloggers' Advisory Committee primarily because I wanted a say in where we would be eating, ha! I always like to be in the forefront of any food decisions. Our first meeting was at Houston's new restaurant The Del. It was a great meeting and turns out we have more things to discuss than just where to eat next.  We expected to sample a few light appetizers during the meeting, but the Del's chef was more than gracious and brought several of their menu options out for us to try.  In short, [...]

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Quick Post: Pie Five Pizza Co.

The good folks over at Pie Five Pizza reached out to me to encourage me to try their local restaurants.  I"ll be honest, Pie Five was not on my list of top restaurants to try, matter fact I had never heard of it.  I did a little research and decided it was worth the try. This past weekend, I brought my sister along with the "adventure."  First off, they really could not have a better location.  Right in the loop off of Yale Street in that uniquely suburban shopping center anchored by a Wal-Mart. Everything about the outside facade said [...]

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Houston HAS Culture!

People deride Houston as a city that lacks culture, cuisine or something quintessentially ours that draws tourists to the city, but let me tell you Houston HAS Culture! Many can name our many popular industries such as Oil & Gas or recall the appropriately named Oilers NFL team. But let's be honest, there is nothing sexy about a "Come to Houston!" billboard that boasts our energy industry.  I am forever my hometown's cheerleader, but even I have fallen in with the naysayers a time or two.  This year I made a conscious effort to really discover what Houston has to offer [...]

Rico’s Morning + Noon + Night

Scenes from movies really shape my bucket list or random things I intend to try.  Ever since I watched Something Borrowed, I have been dying to replicate the scenes where Ginnifer Goodwin's character (a lawyer like myself) meets her bestie, played by John Krasinski, at Central Park for a workday lunch at Shake Shack! After that movie, I became obsessed with Shake Shack and lunch at a burger joint nestled in a park. (Yes, I have simple things on my bucket list to balance out the extravagant goals) Luckily for me, some brilliant restaurateur brought this concept to Houston!  I [...]

Hidden Gem: Kitchen 713

I kept hearing about Kitchen 713, a southern food restaurant within driving distance of work.  The description sounded interesting enough so I made a mental note and looked it up online. From my research, I found that Kitchen 713 is a fairly new restaurant that managed to make it onto the Houston Chronicle's Top 100 Restaurant List this year.  That in itself caught my attention because new spots do not receive that level of acclaim so quickly.  Then I checked the location and saw it is in EADO/Second Ward or the hood as some would say.  The location juxtaposed with the [...]

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