National Museum of African American History and Culture: A People’s Journey

Y'all, in a word the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) is AMAZING. Please know that this post is LONG and I really fought the urge to right a dissertation about my visit!  I have been a fan of black history since I was a child.  My grandmother could captivate me with stories of our family history layered with historical context when I was in elementary school.  She shared these stories orally in the same manner that much of our history has been passed on.   Fast forward to college where I majored in History and immersed myself in every [...]

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Carlo’s Bake Shop

Attention greater Houston area! The Cake Boss has landed!  That's right, Carlo's Bakery has set up their first Houston location out at the Woodland's mall.  The new kiosk opened last weekend and I was one of the lucky few to visit while owner Buddy Valastro welcomed customers on grand opening day.   Even better, I also got a chance to speak with Buddy's brother in law Mauro Castano!  Check out my experience at Carlo's Bake Shop below :). The Desserts! Buddy the star of Cake Boss! The Carlo's bakery here is a kiosk right outside of Victoria's Secret [...]

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Taste of the NFL

Here again still playing catch up!! The Super Bowl was several weeks ago yes, but I would be remiss if I did not do a brief recap for you guys on the Taste of the NFL event.  This event showcases chefs from around the country, each representing an NFL team/city.    Proceeds from the event go to local food banks.  Since Houston hosted the event, most of the proceeds go to the Houston Food Bank, with other NFL cities receiving a smaller share for their local food banks. The Red Carpet Media pass and red carpet ready! Once [...]

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Eloise Nichols Grill & Liquors

As you guys can imagine, I eat out a lot (no judgment please).  Sometimes life gets crazy and I am unable to blog about all the places I've eaten immediately, so I am currently playing catch up.   A few weeks back, a college friend invited me out to dinner. We decided on Eloise Nichols Grill & Liquors because we had both heard great things but had never been!  Once I heard that Eloise Nichols was owned by the sibling duo behind Adair, I knew I had to go! Location: So my friend and I both thought that Eloise Nichols [...]

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Brunch at Kitchen 713

Hey friends! It's been almost two weeks since Super Bowl and I am honestly still recovering from it! Super Bowl weekend was packed full of fun events and great foodie experiences.  I am still playing catch up, but of course it is time to share all the good stuff with you all.  First, let's start with a brunch because that's what gets most of y'all to stop by here right?? Anywho, with my friends in town a brunch was a must!  We stopped at the new Kitchen 713 for a great Sunday Brunch.  Check out my thoughts of Brunch at [...]

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Fitzgerald’s Problematic Email

*Puts lawyer hat on.*  Y'all, another Houston spot has been accused of racism, but get this the discriminatory comments are in writing!  Here is the back story.   Today, a Houston based producer named Garrett Brown aka TrakkSounds (who happens to be white) reached out to local music venue Fitzgerald's requesting information on booking two "billboard charting hip hop artists" at their venue.  He received the below email in response. *music stops, mouth hits the floor*  You'd think I would be used to instances of overt racism, but each time my mouth hits the floor and I scream YOU CANT [...]

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