Buff Burger Review

Buff Burger invited Black Girls Who Brunch to a media event a few weeks back.  I am still new to this blogging stuff so every time an invite lands in my inbox I get really excited! Please trust that I am honest to a fault, therefore the only places I will be mentioning on this here blog are places I actually enjoyed.  I do want to note on posts when I am invited for a media event because my experiences at the event will be different than the average patron.  What should stay the same no matter the occasion is [...]

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Time for Fall: Sweet Potato Muffins Recipe

When I am asked that cliche question, "Can you cook?" I usually respond affirmatively, but note that I am even better at making reservations *hair flip*.  Even though someone else doing the cooking is ideal, this foodie actually can cook... when I feel like it!  Since starting this blog, I have intended to add my at home foodie adventures to the mix, and the holiday season is as good of time as ever. Here is my Sweet Potato Muffin Recipe! For me fall means sweet potato season NOT pumpkin season.  My favorite stores are on the pumpkin bandwagon, so I have [...]

Dinner at Max’s Wine Dive

I have posted about Max's Wine Dive before mainly focusing on their superb brunch.  It is rare that I stop by for dinner, but after attending a whisky tasting event I needed something heavy to soak up that whisky!   I was only a block over and made sure to make a reservation through Open Table so I could get my points.  It was pretty empty for a Thursday night, so we settled on sitting at the bar and watching college football.  From the bar, you can peak into the open kitchen and see the magic happen.  I am weird, but [...]

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Lunch at Tiny’s No. 5

Oh how I appreciate my co-worker and her commitment to new content for my blog.  Her and I brownbag it for lunch Monday through Thursday and come Friday when we have grown sick of Lean Cuisines, she drops by my office and asks  "Where are we eating?"  I in turn scour my list of places to try, shoot her over some options and then she reviews the menu for items that fit her gluten free diet and then we are off! This past Friday, Tiny's No. 5, the second location of Tiny Boxwood's was our pick. Setup: First off, can [...]

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iPic Theater Review

Last week  I was invited to a media event at iPic Theaters. Simply put, when iPic opens later this week, it will immediately be the best theater in Houston, Texas.  iPic Theater prides itself on being a luxury theater that is putting the class and fun back in movie going.  They achieve this with amazing attention to detail and a beautifully decorated theater.  The location also lends itself to the "luxury brand" they are selling. Located in the new River Oaks District right off of Westheimer and down the street from the Galleria, they could not have a better location.   [...]

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The Del with Houston Food Bloggers Collective

I jumped at the chance to be on the Houston Food Bloggers' Advisory Committee primarily because I wanted a say in where we would be eating, ha! I always like to be in the forefront of any food decisions. Our first meeting was at Houston's new restaurant The Del. It was a great meeting and turns out we have more things to discuss than just where to eat next.  We expected to sample a few light appetizers during the meeting, but the Del's chef was more than gracious and brought several of their menu options out for us to try.  In short, [...]

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