Songkran Thai Kitchen Review

Oh how I love events with my fellow Houston Food Blogger Collective members!!  For October, Songkran Kitchen in Uptown Park hosted us for an elaborate tasting menu of some of their best dishes.  The menu was literally three pages, so once we were seated on the patio, we knew we would be in for a treat! The Setup: Songkran is right in the thick of things in Uptown Park.  A few years back I visited this same space when it was a tapas bar, now it is has been completely converted to Songkran a Thai restaurant run by husband and [...]

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Rustic Oak Gastro Pub and Wine

*This location is now closed :(.  Check out my brunch file for other options* I have failed you all and not stayed true to the name of this blog! If you check my "Brunch" category you may have noticed that I had not added a brunch post in months.  I rectified that problem this past weekend with a trip to Rustic Oak Gastro Pub and Wine with my foodie group friends.  Rustic Oak is a quaint restaurant which serves a brunch buffet on Saturdays and Sundays.  It is located right off of Richmond and 59, in Montrose.  We stopped by for a Sunday [...]

Houston HAS Culture!

People deride Houston as a city that lacks culture, cuisine or something quintessentially ours that draws tourists to the city, but let me tell you Houston HAS Culture! Many can name our many popular industries such as Oil & Gas or recall the appropriately named Oilers NFL team. But let's be honest, there is nothing sexy about a "Come to Houston!" billboard that boasts our energy industry.  I am forever my hometown's cheerleader, but even I have fallen in with the naysayers a time or two.  This year I made a conscious effort to really discover what Houston has to offer [...]

Hidden Gem: Kitchen 713

I kept hearing about Kitchen 713, a southern food restaurant within driving distance of work.  The description sounded interesting enough so I made a mental note and looked it up online. From my research, I found that Kitchen 713 is a fairly new restaurant that managed to make it onto the Houston Chronicle's Top 100 Restaurant List this year.  That in itself caught my attention because new spots do not receive that level of acclaim so quickly.  Then I checked the location and saw it is in EADO/Second Ward or the hood as some would say.  The location juxtaposed with the [...]

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Review of Piada Italian Street Food

A few years back my DNA test surprisingly revealed that among my strong African ancestry, I had a smidgen of Italian ancestry. I am admittedly ridiculous, BUT I took that small percentage and determined that it accounted for my love of Italian food.  Other than spaghetti, I pretty much fall in love with any dish that purports to be Italian cuisine.  Which leads me to my new discovery, Piada: Italian Street Food! I have eyed this place since the "coming soon" sign popped up at the Memorial Shopping Center.  Founded in Ohio, Piada recently opened their first Texas location right [...]

National Food Days List

Since I have been blogging, it seems like EVERY week I am alerted to some National Food Day. My first question was, what greedy person created these days? From my wikipedia browsing research, a wide variety of people have the "authority" to select a day for their preferred food. To my surprise, Presidents of our great country are behind a few for these days. For National Ice Cream Day, Ronald Reagan made a proclamation where he labels Ice Cream nutritious and wholesome therefore worthy adoration on the third Sunday of July.  Oh, I agree Mr. President. For other days, some random organization [...]

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OKRA Charity Saloon

My friend and I were strolling downtown headed to dinner at Batanga when a peak at the inside of OKRA Charity Saloon literally stopped us dead in our tracks.   We are two girls who grew up in Cypress, so we love opportunities to explore downtown spots. We just had to stop inside before heading to dinner next door. This. Place. Is. Gorgeous.  The building is framed by a huge curved archway.  There is a small loft area towards the back with a glass roof providing such great lighting to the bar.  When you first walk in there is what I believe to be a [...]

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