Quick Post: National Chicken Wing Day!

If you recall, in my Happy Hour post I mentioned that I needed to stop by Prospect Park's Wednesday 50 cent wing night.  Twitter informed me that Wednesday was National Chicken Wing Day so, the stars were aligned for a trip to Prospect Park to celebrate! Prospect Park has recently become my "Cheers bar" due to proximity and a great crowd. Prospect brags about having the best wings in town.  I realize that every restaurant says that about their signature dish, but these guys are telling the truth!  I ordered the Parmesan Garlic wings.  The wings are either naked or breaded. [...]

A Bar With Southern Charm

Julep from the Street I stopped over at a Washington Bar, Julep for an after work Happy Hour.  I visited Julep before when it first opened and was excited to come back. As the name and look imply, Julep is meant to take you back to the old South, minus slavery and Jim Crow.  Simply put, Julep is a beautiful bar that is true to its' theme, yet not overdone at the same time.  There are small touches like mint julep cups all around or a wall of stuff like bottles of Bourbon. For a Monday around 5pm, this [...]

Taco Tuesday!

Living in Houston, Texas means you will be inundated with Tex-Mex restaurants.  It's kind of our niche thing here.  If you have ask any Houston Foodie their favorite Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurant, be prepared for a long list of options.  I am no different!  One day, I will make a list of my favorites, but for today I am just featuring one that I frequent often, Torchy's Tacos!!! Torchy's started in Austin, Texas as a food truck and was so successful they were able to open a brick and mortar store. They eventually expanded to Houston and have grown rapidly here. [...]

Vegan Adventures

When my dad called me inviting me to lunch, I knew it would consist of some Vegetarian or Vegan place.  My dad has been on vegan kick for the last few years and he takes every opportunity to try to convert the rest of us.  Despite my reluctance, I took my dad up on his offer to try a Pepper Tree, a vegan buffet.  The place is styled like a Chinese buffet, only it's Vegan. My sister, who came along is more amenable to the vegan diet than me.  As we walked up, I spotted a Chipotle next door and [...]

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Happy Hour & A Movie

Amy My sister and I made a long awaited trip to the movies to see the critically acclaimed documentary, Amy, which focuses on the short life of jazz/soul singer Amy Winehouse.  We decided to go to the downtown theater Sundance. First up we stopped over at Sundance to pick up our tickets.  If you park in the theater garage across the street the theater will validate your parking, so make sure you bring your receipt into the theater with you.  We had a few hours to kill so we went in search of a good happy hour. The ridiculous heat [...]

Mod Pizza: A Review

I do not believe in eating in on Friday nights so I stopped over to Mod Pizza this past weekend for a quick no fuss dinner.  This place is best described as the Chipotle of Pizza Shops.  When you walk in, there is a menu of the favorites, but you are welcome to make your own pizza with all the ingredients present ( so many options!).  I went for the Dillion James which includes asiago, basil, garlic, tomatoes (I went without), red sauce and added sausage for no extra cost.  You walk through the Chipotle styled assembly line and pick your ingredients if [...]

Quick Post: Sprinkles ATM

While in Chicago last weekend, from my hotel room, I noticed their Sprinkles Cupcake ATM and was immediately jealous!  The geniuses over at Sprinkles created an ATM that dispenses fresh cupcakes 24/7, so you can fulfill your cravings at any hour of the day, especially after they have closed up shop.  My envy stemmed from the fact, that Houston's Sprinkle's was slated to get a cupcake ATM in 2012.  Well 2012 passed, then 2013, 2014 and half of 2015, still no cupcake ATM as far as I knew! View of downtown Chicago, with their Sprinkles in the bottom right!. [...]

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Houston Restaurant Weeks 2015 Preview

Save your money and clear your schedule! It's that time of the year again, Houston Restaurant Weeks!!!!! Every year Houston's best and greatest restaurants partner up with the Houston Food Bank for a fundraiser that benefits a worthy cause.  For anywhere from $25-45 you can enjoy the top of the line restaurants in Houston and best of all $4-7 of your purchase goes to Houston Food Bank.  This will be my fourth year partaking in this month long event.  What I like most, is that it is a great opportunity to try some budget buster restaurants, especially steak houses. TIPS and FYIs  [...]

B&B Butchers Review

I have been blogging steadily here for about a month and I must say, the best thing I have done so far is join the Houston Food Bloggers Collective (HFBC)! It's a great way to network with other bloggers and for interested parties to find you/your blog.  On Tuesday, I attended my first HFBC event, a menu tasting at the new Houston steakhouse B&B Butchers. I brought my sister along as my plus one and we took a TON of pictures, so this post will be filled with pictures :).  Here is my experience: Setup: B&B Butchers is housed in a converted [...]

Foodie Travels: Breakfasts in Chicago!

My view of downtown Chicago, from Lake Michigan! Chicago marked the end of a long travel binge! Praise god because I am TIRED! I went to Chicago for my friend's 30th birthday bash. Chicago is definitely a foodie town so I was excited to try some new places during this trip.  Their foodie history is best represented by the Taste of Chicago event.  The taste was going on while I was in town and shockingly I decided not to go.  So many of my Chicagoan friends have said "it's not the same" so we saved our money and time! I [...]

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