Houston HAS Culture!

People deride Houston as a city that lacks culture, cuisine or something quintessentially ours that draws tourists to the city, but let me tell you Houston HAS Culture! Many can name our many popular industries such as Oil & Gas or recall the appropriately named Oilers NFL team. But let's be honest, there is nothing sexy about a "Come to Houston!" billboard that boasts our energy industry.  I am forever my hometown's cheerleader, but even I have fallen in with the naysayers a time or two.  This year I made a conscious effort to really discover what Houston has to offer [...]

A Giveaway PLUS a Deal!

Few weeks back I wrote about the upcoming Tacolandia event hosted by Houston Press.  The event is scheduled for Saturday October 24, 2015.  This event will feature an unlimited supply of tacos for the cost of entry.  The organizers are hoping to provide a big variety of tacos including seafood and veggie options for the vegetarian crowd.  I for one love tacos, so I am very excited to attend this event.  Tickets are already on sale, but for one lucky reader of my blog, I am giving away TWO tickets to this inaugural event.  Check out the rules for entry [...]

My Thoughts on the Gaslamp Controversy

I debated touching on this topic on my blog, but what the hey, it is the convergence of my two worlds.  Of course I am a foodie/food blogger, but in my real life I am an attorney.   I have been drawn to the legal aspects of the ongoing drama with the local bar Gaslamp. For those out of the loop, three African American male attorneys attempted to enter the bar Gaslamp in Houston's Midtown area.  The bouncers told them it would cost $20. A note here, bars in Houston do not typically charge cover.  The three men declined and [...]