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A Little About Me…

Hi! I’m Erika and welcome to my blog! 🙂

As I write this, I wonder why talking about myself is so complicated!  So here it goes.  I tend to shun the title “foodie” because it usually describes an adventurous eater who tries it all.  That is just not me!  I am admittedly a picky eater that somehow just loves to eat out.  This love probably goes back to my childhood where a Friday trip to Fuddrucker’s was the highlight of our week.  Thankfully, I have somewhat “upgraded” my restaurant choices since then, but my love of the dining experience remains the same.

Over time my friends took notice and always called on me for restaurant suggestions.  I had a eureka moment and decided to parlay this into a food blog.  I have always loved to write and a food blog seemed like a great creative outlet from the daily grind of my real job as an attorney.  Three years in and I can say my blog provides a great life balance!

A few other highlights about me… I am originally from Kansas City, the barbecue capitol of America (don’t debate me).  Much to the chagrin of my family I claim Houston as my hometown ’cause I have been here since I was five.   I made a brief seven year return to Missouri for college and law school as such I am a HUGE Mizzou fan (Go Tigers!).  After graduating, I ran back to Houston to start my career and have loved it!  I love to travel, consider myself a history nerd and have no shame in my appreciation of reality tv.

About Black Girls Who Brunch!

I started Black Girls Who Brunch to share my Houston food experiences hoping to showcase the vibrant food scene beyond the franchise restaurants.  I also loved the idea of sharing places that beautiful black professional woman like myself would enjoy! Hence my title 🙂 .  While that remains the focus, this little food blog has morphed into “Black Girls Who” do it all including travel, cook and attend local Houston happenings!  Thank you for stopping by and be sure to subscribe and/or follow me on social media!


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