Black Girls Who Brunch Year In Review!

Eeeek! This is my last post of 2015!!! This year went by in record speed for me! When I officially launched Black Girls Who Brunch this summer I really thought that only my mother and sister would read my posts, but it has grown way more than I could have imagined in just a few months.  I genuinely thank you all for reading, liking, sharing, commenting and following my social media accounts!  It means more to me than you will ever know!  As far as what is in store for Black Girls Who Brunch in 2016, I only want to make [...]

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Black Walnut Cafe

Here is a short post about a recent trip I made to Black Walnut Cafe on Memorial! Location/Setup: Black Walnut Cafe has several locations in the Houston area. I have visited the Rice Village location, but on this day I stopped by the location right off of Memorial.  I drive by this one pretty often and it is packed all day everyday!  Black Walnut is a casual cafe setup.  Once you walk in, you stand in line and order then proceed to a table of your choice.  This setup works perfectly if you need a quick breakfast.  On this day, [...]

Fogo de Chao

With this blog, I like to highlight local restaurants or smaller franchises that are unique to Houston.  I am breaking that rule for this post, because my experience at the new Fogo de Chao in the Woodlands was too exciting not to share!  Fogo de Chao invited all of the members from the Houston Food Bloggers Collective to dinner on a day of our choice at the Woodlands location. It was such a great experience, for the reasons described below. Location/Setup:  Initially, I was reluctant to accept the invitation because the Woodlands is such a long drive.  By the time [...]

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Bovine & Barley Review

I am so behind on updating my blog with my foodie adventures! My goal is to catch up over the holiday break, so bear with me as I post some things from awhile back.  Several months ago I attended a Houston Food Blogger Collective board meeting at downtown's Bovine & Barley restaurant/bar.  We had the opportunity to sample Bovine & Barley's new brunch menu for dinner and as you know this girl loves brunch! Setup/Location-  Bovine & Barley is off of Main street downtown. When I was in college Main street was briefly the Houston hotspot. From the looks of it [...]

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Pico’s Restaurant

In this edition of Black Girls Who Brunch take on the Houston Chronicle’s top 100 list, my co-worker and I took our Friday lunch trip to Pico's Restaurant in Upper Kirby.  Pico's is a Mexican restaurant that attempts to recognize the different cuisines from the seven regions of Mexico. The Setup: Pico's is right in the mix off of Kirby and Richmond making it an easy trip for most inner loopers.  Pardon my ignorance regarding Mexican architecture, but places like Pico's always put in my the mind of the Alamo.  Inside of the restaurant sticks with that theme with some [...]

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Dave and Busters Friendswood

The great PR folks over at Integrate invited myself and several other bloggers to the grand opening of the Dave and Busters Friendswood a few weeks back.  I took a much needed personal day from my real job to be a kid all day at Dave and Busters!  Everyone needs those types of hooky days once in around right?  When it opened last month, Dave and Busters Friendswood became the third location in Houston.  I have visited all three and have to say the Friendswood location has some key additions that makes it a draw for the whole Houston metropolitan [...]

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Brunch at Black & White

Last weekend I served as host for my friend who was in town from Kansas City. Before arriving, she told me, "Erika I just want to eat at cool places that I cannot get at home."  And eat we did!  While looking for a Saturday brunch spot to take her to, I caught a picture of Black & White's chicken and waffle's brunch option on Instagram and was immediately sold. Off to Black & White Restaurant we went. The Setup: Black and white are my signature wardrobe colors because you really cannot go wrong with them! Once I learned that the Heights [...]

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Back in Kansas City

I spent last weekend back in my birthplace Kansas City, Missouri, to celebrate my Grandmother's 80th birthday!  I cannot go out of town without discovering or rediscovering some of my favorite places. On my last visit, I introduced you all to the goodness that is Kansas City Barbecue.  I did stop by Gates again but this post is intended to focus on some new places! This time I picked a few other places in Kansas City that I love, Cupcake A La Mode and Peach Tree Cafeteria. First up, Peach Tree Cafeteria! This is Kansas City's go to soul food [...]

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The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation

I have a confession.  Now, do not revoke my foodie or Houstonian cards for this, but a few weeks ago marked my first trip to the Original Ninfa's on Navigation.   I know, I know, it is a quintessential Houston restaurant that every Houstonian foodie should frequent.   In my defense, I have never lived near the Original Ninfa's so it would require a specific trip to the area to indulge in the home of Houston Tex Mex.  Well one of my college friends was in town and asked that I direct him to the best Tex Mex in town, so to Ninfa's [...]

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Lunch at Kata Robata

A few weeks back my co-worker and I stopped over at Kata Robata for a Friday lunch out of the office.  Some fellow food bloggers have described Kata Robata's lunch specials as some of the best deals in town and I am all about cheap good food! Additionally, Kata Robata just so happens to be on the Houston Chronicle's "best of Houston" list so all signs pointed to this being a great lunch choice. The dining room The Setup: Kata Robata is right in the thick of Upper Kirby.  There is a parking lot for the shopping center [...]

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