Hi friends! Thanks again from stopping by my website.  If you are looking to connect with me about various opportunities (sponsorships, giveaways, restaurant reviews, product reviews, event reviews), be sure to send me an email at

Let me also add that over the last year Houston is becoming a more popular attraction for tourists.   As someone who created a whole blog to highlight my hometown, I LOVE the attention that Houston has received.  This new attention has also meant new attention to my blog from people hoping to travel to Houston soon.  As such I have started to receive very nice emails requesting personalized Houston recommendations and/or itinerary ideas for their trips.  Trust me when I tell you, you will find so much of that and then some on my blog.  Check out the Top Lists section for most of these blog posts.  Beyond that, as much as I would love to respond to every email with a detailed personalized itinerary, I am unable to do that at this time.  I am working on building a concierge service to help support these questions/needs.  If you are interested in that please email