Where to Dine in Houston for New Years Eve!

Guys, can you believe it?! 2016 has almost come to a close! There were a few lows, but the highs were amazing!  For starters I turned 30, traveled like it was going out of style and of course had a great time with Black Girls Who Brunch!  The end of this year deserves some celebration and I of course always recommend celebrating with food.  Last year I combed the internet looking for a great restaurant to ring in the New Year and let me tell you it was not easy.   Thankfully now that Black Girls Who Brunch has grown, [...]

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36 Hours in New York City

I am the fool who thought it would be a good idea to go to New York City the week after returning from Paris and London.  It sounded good in theory, you know that jet setting life that we all thought we would be living after college.  Well, that life is only good in theory because I am TIRED.  Despite still dragging from all of these travels I still must recap my trips here on BGWB for you all.  So here is what happened when I spent about 36 hours in New York City!' Back at it again! [...]

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Day Trip to London

Oh London, I hardly knew you! As soon as we booked our trip to Paris, I began looking at ways to maximize our trip by visiting other cities and/or countries.  Rome was top of my list, but a twelve hour train ride seemed out of the question.  The next option though, London proved perfect!  We could travel there, for just a day and get a taste of the city. So a couple days into my Paris vacation, we stopped over in London!  Here are all of the details of my day trip to London! Getting There Beautiful decorations at the train station! [...]

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The Paris Series: What to See

Pardon me for the delay in getting these Paris posts out.  I have doing the most and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to go to New York the week after returning from Paris (more on that later).    I am now back, rested and ready to share with you lovely folks the rest of the details from my trip!! So since my last post one of my friends bought a ticket to Paris and has been picking my brain about my trip. Oh and best of all, she got a deal on her flight! I used [...]

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The Paris Series: The FOOD

I got a tad bit stressed thinking about writing these Paris food posts! We ate so much stuff that I want to share on my blog!  Rather than boring you all with several posts documenting every single morsel that I ate over the course of a week like a fitness food diary, I decided to focus on the highlights!  I will keep those lowlights on the cutting room floor, which in this case just may be Instagram. Look,  a good food picture must be shared even if the food was meh!  Any who back to the issue at hand, here [...]

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