Sweet Potato Biscuits

Y'all know that I love sweet potatoes and will add them to just about anything.  Growing up, biscuits were our after church meal.  My mother would crack open the can, throw them in her corningware dish then cook them until they were golden brown.  My sister and I would then fight over who got the middle biscuit, both preferring the soft edges.  While my working mother did not have the time to create homemade biscuits, she still curated a tradition that holds a special place in my heart.  As I started dabbling in more homemade dishes, I was pleasantly surprised [...]

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Soul Rolls

I am back with another collaboration with some of my favorite black food bloggers, this time celebrating Juneteenth once again.  I have given the dets on the significance of Juneteenth in a previous blog post (check that out here!). In the year since then, the push for Juneteenth to become a national holiday continues to grow with many of the efforts centered right in Galveston, Texas where the holiday began!  Check out the Juneteenth Legacy Project for more of those details.  As for me, I continue to use Juneteenth as another opportunity to highlight the greatness that is African American [...]

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Feta Pasta Bake

There is FINALLY a food trend that I can participate in.  Food bloggers and Instagrammers hop on the latest trend filling your feeds with some new recipe or new food trick.  A few months ago it was the Dalgona whipped coffee and since I am not a coffee drinker, I had to sit back with fomo as the rest of my foodie friends joined in.   Then, the feta pasta bake or as I like to call Instagram pasta, made its way to my feed.  An easy pasta recipe featuring cheese and a tomato sauce.  It had my name written all [...]

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Smoked Turkey Collard Greens

For the first time ever, my mother tasked me with making the collard greens for Thanksgiving.  Typically I make everything else, but she makes the greens.   Similar to mac and cheese, the collard green duty isn’t just bestowed on just anyone.  So I definitely felt the pressure to knock this out of the park.   Chatted with some friends and of course the internet to come up with my very own collard greens.  After I was finishing off a bowl of just collard greens the day after Thanksgiving, I realized that this recipe justttt might be it, so I am sharing [...]

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Sun-Dried Tomato Spinach Pasta

*This post (Sun-Dried Tomato Spinach Pasta) is sponsored by Barilla Pasta, but all content and opinions are my own*  By the time Christmas rolls around, my family and I are over regular holiday food.  Some years ago we started a new tradition for Christmas which typically includes a great pasta dish, a beautiful red sauce and something green keeping with the season’s colors.  This year, I’ve teamed up with Barilla to create the perfect pasta dish for our relaxed Christmas affair, creating a Sun-Dried Tomato Spinach Pasta. During the holiday season, HEB has you covered with ingredients for your traditional [...]

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Graham Cracker Crust Sweet Potato Pie

My love of all things sweet potato is well documented here on Black Girls Who Brunch.  I've stuffed it in cinnamon rolls, put in muffins, added it to ice cream, even made a pudding out of it.  But the one quintessential sweet potato dish was missing, a Sweet Potato Pie.  Some years ago, I had the idea to go with a graham cracker crust rather than the traditional pastry crust.  It took some tries and Thanksgiving experiments to get it right, but I think I have finallllly mastered a Graham Cracker Crust Sweet Potato Pie.  This recipe plays on my [...]

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Riesling Pops

 *This post (Riesling Pops) is sponsored by Wines of Germany, but the opinions and recipe are my own! This content is intended for 21 and over.* As the summer comes to a close, may I offer up one more recipe for your summer nights?  For the adults, who doesn't have warm memories of a drippy sugary popsicle during the summer heat?? I know I do! Well let's re-introduce our childhood favorite by taking it up a notch with wine!  These Riesling Pops play on all of our favorite childhood memories while adding in some of the best parts of adulthood, [...]

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Sweet Potato Trifle

If you have been around Black Girls Who Brunch for awhile you know I LOVE all things Sweet Potato! This love honestly grew out of watching my pinterest feed fill up with pumpkin spice recipes every fall.  As I scroll all of the pumpkin recipes I imagine upgrading them with sweet potato instead.  Since no one was doing god's work and converting all of these recipes to sweet potato, I decided to take on the challenge myself.   Hence my latest creation a Sweet Potato Trifle!  Imagine this as a deconstructed sweet potato pie or kind of like a banana pudding.  [...]

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Easy Chicken Salad

I had a recent discovery while working from home or rather a rediscovery.  Remember lunchables as a kid?  If you were like me, lunchables were a bit of a treat cause my mom wasn't buying them every week!  Well, a few weeks back I was strolling through Sprouts and saw what was labeled as a "snack pack."  One glance at this and I knew it was nothing more than an adult lunchable!  It featured chicken salad, cheese, crackers and grapes.  I grabbed one and was quickly obsessed.  With any store bought thing, if I like it enough I'm going to [...]

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Almond Flour Olive Oil Cake

While I do not have a gluten allergy, I appreciate the variety of flours that are now available for those that do including almond flour.   With any alternative, there are pluses and minuses so I thought I would experiment to learn more about almond flour and how to incorporate in to my baking.  I decided to go for an olive oil cake, a light one layer cake typically served without icing for my first experiment.  The final product is delicious playing on the almond flavors which are elevated a bit with almond extract, and a hint of orange.  This Almond [...]

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