If anything, this blog has forced me to be more adventurous when it comes to my foodie excursions.  I am always looking for new and unique content to keep things fresh around here.  Over the weekend, my friend invited me to Buffalo Bayou Brewery with a small group of his co-workers.  Not going to say that I leaped at the chance, because I am not a beer drinker, but after giving it some thought I decided that it may be worth the trip.

Location/Setup: Buffalo Bayou Brewery is located off of I10 about a block or so away from the Washington Corridor.  When I pulled up there was no large sign saying BUFFALO BAYOU BREWERY, just a crowd of happy people lingering about outside of a garage like building.  Parking was little sketchy but the officer working security said I could park in a lot behind the brewery despite the no parking signs.  I figured if anyone were to call the tow trucks it would be him so I parked where he told me to *shrugs*.

As I walked up to the brewery, my first thought was it is not a sophisticated operation which I think is probably part of the appeal.  There are a few park tables about, a food truck, and high top bar tables.  Inside the garage is the brewing operation, more tables and a bar with your various options.  They are only open on Saturdays from noon to 3pm.  The place was packed and there were even beer tour buses rolling up to see what Buffalo Bayou Brewery had to offer.

Drinks: For just ten bucks, you get a souvenir glass which is already filled with a beer plus three drink tokens for a couple more beers.  Some of the beers require two tokens, but for the most part you can get multiple beers with your ten dollar buy in.  I tried the 1836 and the Sam’s Daily. Again, I don’t like beer, but they were decent to my untrained palate.  My friend, the beer connoisseur, finished them off so I take it he liked them! I heard others rave about the darker beer option that includes grapefruit.  That one costs two tokens though!  Despite the crowd, we were able to use up all of our tokens in the time allotted.  The bartenders keep the line moving even with charter buses full of beer tours rolling up.

The Sam's Daily in my souvenir mason jar !

The Sam’s Daily in my souvenir mason jar !

Food:  I was more interested in the taco truck that was parked in the lot, Los Tacos Hermanos! I ordered the ground beef quesadillas which includes Monterey jack cheese, pico de gallo, cilantro cream sauce and a mango habanero sauce.  I was really impressed with the quality and flavors of a quesadilla from a food truck.  Even the presentation was prettier than most brick and motor restaurants.  My favorite part was the random sweetness that the mango habanero sauce added.  I am usually not a fan of sweet mixed with my savory, but here it worked! While everyone else in my group went back for round two of beers I happily chowed down on that quesadilla! That was the highlight of the afternoon for me! Don’t judge me, I’m a foodie not a beer connoisseur.

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Overall: This is a great little Saturday stop when there is nice weather and you want to do something a little different.  You cannot beat the ten dollar deal which allows you try several of the brewery’s unique beers.  For the beer drinkers, my group said they definitely live up to their name as Houston’s Most Creative Brewery!