The Paris Series : How to Score A Flight Deal

*Grabs you by the hand* we are about to embark on an incredible journey that includes a trip to two countries (kinda three).  If you are down for the ride this will be a series of posts which I have labeled "The Paris Series."  These posts will not include all foodie stuff like I normally do, but what you will get are details and tips from an amazing trip! Shall I begin with how this started? Of course you want the origin story! Here it goes... I have been itching to travel across the seas since my early twenties.  It's [...]

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Back at Harold’s in the Heights

Exciting news in the Black Girls Who Brunch world!  I am starting a new series featuring some great local spots in Houston ahead of the Super Bowl.  My hope is that visitors to Houston go beyond franchise restaurants and see some of the great local restaurants that Houston has to offer.  To make this even more fun, I have linked up with a local producer Que to create vlogs in support!  We started this new series at Harold's!  You may recall my brunch visit there awhile back, but this time I stopped by to try their new fall menu.  Check out [...]

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Potluck Time: Banana Trifle

I love to start a post with a somewhat relevant story, so here it goes!  When I graduated law school I entered into the suckiest legal market in recent history.  With little experience I was relegated to the document review world or as I called it, the land of the unwanted attorney.  Basically, the work was super boring and simple enough that a trained monkey could do it.  Then the jobs were temporary with no benefits.  When I tell you it was THE worst.  As you can imagine, we tried to make the best of it.  On one project, everyone [...]

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Aloft Downtown Houston

On a rare occasion, this food blogger life allows me access to some pretty cool things before the general public gets a chance to view it.  In these instances I of course have to share all of the details with my BGWB friends!   If you have paid attention, Houston's downtown is brimming with new hotels and developments ahead of the Superbowl.  The Aloft is part of that new boom.  Unlike many of the other spots though, this one features a rooftop bar and pool which will be open to the public!  This is not your typical foodie spot, yes [...]

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