Usher Residency in Vegas

This spring I was telling my sister I needed to do something for my birthday.  A trip.  A  concert.  Vibes.  She circled back weeks later noting that Usher just so happened to have a show the day after my birthday in Vegas! It did not take much to sell me.  Just like that we were purchasing concert tickets and planning our trip for the Usher Residency in Vegas. Where to Stay If you are going to the Usher concert, be sure to stay at the Park MGM.  If you have an MGM account or players card, check your account offers [...]

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What to do for Juneteenth 2023

Juneteenth is around the corner and many people are still looking for things to do for the holiday.  With the national acceptance of the holiday being new, I find that people, mainly Black people want to honor the day appropriately by focusing on the history.  The other thought is, lets rest.  Living in this country as a Black person can be traumatic.  Every day there is a new story of a person being harmed or killed simply because they are Black.  This is daunting to say the least, so taking a day off in this capitalistic system to rest and [...]

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Houston Restaurants to Visit in June 2023

Happy June! It's been awhile since I've done a restaurant list, but June, my birthday month, is a great time to bring it back.  For me, once summer hit, the streets are calling me!  And as you all can imagine, my favorite outing will forever and always be a good restaurant.   Here are some Houston Restaurants to Visit in June 2023. Muse Where vibes and good food meet! Muse is a beautiful restaurant and likely to be a popular hot spots for years to come.  The draw here is the look of the restaurant with the cherry blossom trees and [...]

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