24 Pancake Recipes to Make Instead of Aunt Jemima

Last week Quaker announced that they were doing away with the name and image of their Aunt Jemima brand.  Founded in 1889, from the beginning Aunt Jemima played on imagery from minstrel shows and the mammy figure, a stereotypical portrayal of a Black woman (think Gone with the Wind). Over the last hundred years or so, societal norms have changed and Aunt Jemima, now part of the Quaker Companies, continued to reckon with it’s own history and imagery.  Rather than removing the name or character of Aunt Jemima, Quaker instead remixed her a couple of times, slimming her down and [...]

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Fluffy Pancakes

Welp, the shift in content from Black Girls Who Brunch continues! I have not eaten in a restaurant since late March and have continued to opt for takeout while I try to lessen my public contact.  With that, all meals are eaten at home and many are created right in my kitchen.  Everyone benefits though because I am sharing more recipes! One of the eating at home perks I have enjoyed is cooking a hot breakfast before my work day starts.   Pancakes have been my go to and after many tries, I have created a recipe that creates THICK and [...]

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Juneteenth Collard Green Salad

Greetings! Yesterday, the entire nation celebrated Juneteenth for the first time ever.  As someone who grew up in Houston, I was familiar with the holiday due to the Texas origins, but this year felt different.  As our nation contends with dual pandemics, covid and racial injustice, Juneteenth was a welcomed celebration for many of us.  I decided to combine my birthday celebration (which is a few days later) with Juneteenth this year.   It was SO fun! I pulled out some of my favorite recipes like my Mac and Cheese and my Sweet Potato Cake. Then I decided to create a [...]

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FIVE Things in FIVE Years of Black Girls Who Brunch

Can you believe it? Five years ago, I laid on my living room floor and hit "publish" on a series of blog posts.  Check those first few blog posts here and talk about GROWTH.  My initial blog posts included a few lists of favorites, a trip and one restaurant review.  I truly believed that only my mom and a few of my friends would read my blog posts, but since it was fun I kept going.   Here I am five years later still blogging, still enjoying it.  I have probably shared some of these things before in reflection posts, but [...]

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