Fave Dining Experiences of 2023

As we wrap up 2023, I am reminded of my great dining experiences I had throughout the year.  Many of them right here in Houston where I live, while others happened during my travels.  Some restaurants provided excellent cuisine or unique dishes, while others provided fun atmosphere.  Here is a recap of my Fave Dining Experiences of 2023. Vine - Accra,Ghana Last year, I celebrated the New Year in Accra, Ghana setting the tone for a great year to come! We started out the year with brunch at Vine.  The patio style restaurant had a great fun atmosphere and delicious [...]

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Renaissance in Toronto

When Beyonce announced the Renaissance tour dates, my friends and I were scrambling to find a city to see the show.   Yes, I live in Houston and obviously her hometown would be an excellent place to see her.  However, we wanted to get a vacation out of it!  So we looked at the schedule and picked Toronto.  A city that was new to all us.   Our group included about 10 ladies from Houston and Missouri.  We had a great time!  Here is my recap of Renaissance in Toronto! Where to Stay Within the group, we stayed at various hotels all [...]

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Usher Residency in Vegas

This spring I was telling my sister I needed to do something for my birthday.  A trip.  A  concert.  Vibes.  She circled back weeks later noting that Usher just so happened to have a show the day after my birthday in Vegas! It did not take much to sell me.  Just like that we were purchasing concert tickets and planning our trip for the Usher Residency in Vegas. Where to Stay If you are going to the Usher concert, be sure to stay at the Park MGM.  If you have an MGM account or players card, check your account offers [...]

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Visiting Bangkok Thailand

I had a cool opportunity to visit Bangkok, Thailand with my day job a few weeks back.   We had a conference there and needed representation from my department and I of course was not going to say no!  The trip was a week, but I truly was working and did not get to leave my hotel too much.  But there were a few highlights that I thought were worth sharing on this brief blog post about Visiting Bangkok Thailand. Flying Eva Air If you recall some years backs I flew Eva Air while visiting Taiwan, their homebase.  I knew that [...]

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New Year in Ghana

This is the longest I've gone without updating my blog! I've always enjoyed writing in addition to the quick social media updates on Instagram.  However, task paralysis over the last few months has done me in.  But, I'm back with an exciting travel recap to share.  I made my way to THE continent for the first time ever and as you can imagine it was an amazing experience.  I traveled for the New Year holiday to Ghana for what their tourism bureau has termed "the return".   Here are all the details about my trip below. Planning Fishing Village near [...]

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Weekend in New York City

At eighteen years old my older sister flew me out to New York City so I could experience the Big Apple before I started college a few weeks later.   It was one of my favorite trips EVER especially at 18 years old with no passport and few vacations under my belt.   Fast forward another eighteen years, and my sister suggested that we meet up in New York City for the Stranger Things Experience.   Y'all know if I have airline points and my PTO lines up, it is hard for me to say no to a trip! So I said yes, [...]

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Planning Group Travel

While on my trip to Punta Cana, people kept asking me HOW.  How are you able to get 22 family members on an international trip.  How did you organize it? Get everyone to pay? How did y'all not have any fights or arguments??  Others would say, my family could NEVER.  I want to encourage everyone, especially Black folks to not be afraid of the family travel.  It provides an excellent opportunity to bond, have a great time and step outside of your everyday norms. Here are some tips on Planning Group Travel. WHY? What is the purpose of traveling with [...]

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Punta Cana Recap

If you have been around BGWB for sometime you may recall my family cruise some years back or my group trip to Aruba.  Welp we did it again, this time with a group of twenty-two people to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  It was a week vacation on an all inclusive resort.  Lots of fun and life long memories.   Check out my Punta Cana Recap below! Punta Cana When I travel out of the country one of my goals is try to get an authentic experience of the culture. I look for historical sites, popular food or drink and [...]

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Essence Festival 2022

After a three year break (two years because of the rona!), I got to go back to Essence Festival and let me just say per usual it did not disappoint.   This is my third time visiting New Orleans for Essence and I have written at length about my trips in previous blog posts.  One may think, what else could she have to say?!  So much more!  Since my last visit to Essence Fest, the organizers made some small changes that really made the event all the better.  So here is my reap of Essence Festival 2022. Events For the most [...]

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Juneteenth Sites in Houston and Galveston

Let's talk Juneteenth, specifically the Juneteenth Sites in Houston and Galveston.  Last year, Juneteenth became a federal holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved Africans.   This nation continues to struggle with its original sin, the forced enslavement of Africans for over 200 years and the impact this undoubtedly has on the descendents.  If you doubt this, just take a peek at the brutal backlash the NYT 1619 project received because they dared to say the systems which built this country on the backs of enslaved Africans may still exist in some form today.  Considering that reconstruction never fully happened, Jim [...]

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