Heading Home to Mizzou

I went "home" last weekend to my alma mater University of Missouri.  I spent seven years of my life there between undergrad and law school, but have not been back much since I graduated.  Let me start with the obvious question here before I get to the food stuff!  If you keep up with the news you are probably thinking hmmm she's a black alum of the school with all of the race issues??! Yep,  the same University that was rocked by protests related to race issues last year.  I won't recount all that happened last fall, but the student [...]

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Pappadeaux Turns 30!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a tasting of Pappadeaux’s 30th anniversary menu items.   Let me just tell you this, when I received this invite, I literally squealed with excitement at my desk!  As a girl who grew up in Houston, Pappadeaux holds a special place in my foodie heart.   Younger Erika thought Pappadeaux was the pinnacle of fine dining.  They had white tablecloths! The waiters wore bowties and fancy vests!  Then the menu prices were more than our typical haunts, so my dad would make a show of rebuffing our entree choices and then would [...]

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Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes

As you know I am a make reservations kinda gal rather than spend all day in the kitchen.  However, because I do not does not mean I cannot!  When the urge hits me I generally try to whip up something homemade and a little more detailed.  On this particular Sunday, a trip to Trader Joe's had me wanting to roast my own chicken and concoct some good hearty sides to go with it.  Most importantly have some leftovers to get me through the week.  Enter, Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes. So I started out using this recipe from Carnal Dish for [...]

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The Honeymoon Cafe

I finally got to catch up with my original foodie crew for a brunch at the Honeymoon Cafe! I love hanging with these ladies because it is guaranteed to involve great conversation about everything under the sun and of course great food.  There are few people who match my love of eating out, but these ladies do! Enough about my crew though, on this day we had an early birthday celebration for my friend Adrienne.  Birthday girl gets to pick the restaurant and she opted for Honeymoon Cafe for an afternoon brunch.  This was all of our first time visiting [...]

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Fleming’s Sonoma Sunday Brunch

Time for another brunch post! The staff of Flemings invited me to try their Sonoma Sunday brunch at the Woodlands location. Per usual, I brought my sister along for the ride!  Check out our experience at Flemings Sonoma Sunday Brunch below! Location: I rail on the Houston suburbs but I shall give credit where credit is due, the Woodlands has one of the better food scenes in the Houston area. One of my complaints about the Woodlands is the distance, goodness it is far!  Then when I get there I do a Mary Tyler Moore spin and hat toss!  It's beautiful! [...]

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Hopdoddy Houston

Hopdoody joined the Houston food scene a few months ago and I finally got a chance to stop by!  I visited Hopdoddy during an Austin trip last year and grabbed a burger to go due to the long line.  I blogged about that trip here, but since Hop Doddy is now in Houston, it is worth sharing about the Houston location. On this occasion, we were looking for a spot in the River Oaks district to fill up on some real food before we indulged on gelato over at Amorino.  We figured Hopdoddy's burgers and fries would do the trick! [...]

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