OKRA Charity Saloon

My friend and I were strolling downtown headed to dinner at Batanga when a peak at the inside of OKRA Charity Saloon literally stopped us dead in our tracks.   We are two girls who grew up in Cypress, so we love opportunities to explore downtown spots. We just had to stop inside before heading to dinner next door. This. Place. Is. Gorgeous.  The building is framed by a huge curved archway.  There is a small loft area towards the back with a glass roof providing such great lighting to the bar.  When you first walk in there is what I believe to be a [...]

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My Thoughts on the Gaslamp Controversy

I debated touching on this topic on my blog, but what the hey, it is the convergence of my two worlds.  Of course I am a foodie/food blogger, but in my real life I am an attorney.   I have been drawn to the legal aspects of the ongoing drama with the local bar Gaslamp. For those out of the loop, three African American male attorneys attempted to enter the bar Gaslamp in Houston's Midtown area.  The bouncers told them it would cost $20. A note here, bars in Houston do not typically charge cover.  The three men declined and [...]

Truluck’s Happy Hour

Random aside to start this post off with, I first remember hearing the term "Happy Hour" as a kid watching the movie Casper starring Christina Ricci.  The "bad" ghosts chanted Happy Hour! Happy Hour! Happy Hour! before dragging the father off to his demise. So whenever I write a post about Happpppy Hourrrr! I say it in my head like the ghosts did . Hahahaha.  Anywho, last week I caught up with one of my Mizzou friends who was in town for some wedding planning. We met up on Friday for Happy Hour at Trulucks!  Trulucks is in the galleria area near some [...]

A Bar With Southern Charm

Julep from the Street I stopped over at a Washington Bar, Julep for an after work Happy Hour.  I visited Julep before when it first opened and was excited to come back. As the name and look imply, Julep is meant to take you back to the old South, minus slavery and Jim Crow.  Simply put, Julep is a beautiful bar that is true to its' theme, yet not overdone at the same time.  There are small touches like mint julep cups all around or a wall of stuff like bottles of Bourbon. For a Monday around 5pm, this [...]

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