Smoked Turkey Collard Greens

For the first time ever, my mother tasked me with making the collard greens for Thanksgiving.  Typically I make everything else, but she makes the greens.   Similar to mac and cheese, the collard green duty isn’t just bestowed on just anyone.  So I definitely felt the pressure to knock this out of the park.   Chatted with some friends and of course the internet to come up with my very own collard greens.  After I was finishing off a bowl of just collard greens the day after Thanksgiving, I realized that this recipe justttt might be it, so I am sharing [...]

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Sun-Dried Tomato Spinach Pasta

*This post (Sun-Dried Tomato Spinach Pasta) is sponsored by Barilla Pasta, but all content and opinions are my own*  By the time Christmas rolls around, my family and I are over regular holiday food.  Some years ago we started a new tradition for Christmas which typically includes a great pasta dish, a beautiful red sauce and something green keeping with the season’s colors.  This year, I’ve teamed up with Barilla to create the perfect pasta dish for our relaxed Christmas affair, creating a Sun-Dried Tomato Spinach Pasta. During the holiday season, HEB has you covered with ingredients for your traditional [...]

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