I will be the first to admit, most of these are first world problems! But as I was thinking about the life of a foodie, I could not help but think it is not all glamour and free dinners.  Here are the “problems” I came up with and I thought I would share, ha!

Pondering about world problems.

Pondering about world problems.

1)I try to keep it positive for the most part on my blog.  The idea is that you can come here for places I recommend, not places I hate. (Check out my Zomato account for the whole gamut!)  Now while I am positive, I am also honest, so even places I like gotta take SOME criticism. Well for some reason it seems that all of the restaurants that I criticized a LITTLE find my blog.  They tweet me, they email me, follow me on social media.  As unreasonable as it is, I feel a sense of anonymity with this blog which is immediately shattered when this happens.  I will get better at dealing with the consequences of criticism but for now, hide me!


2) No one is allowed to touch their food until I get a picture of it. Not just any picture, but an award winning picture that makes my iPhone look like it’s a Canon.  While supportive, my family and friends low key hate eating with me because of these rules. It is kind of like going out to eat with the family member who wants to hold hands and do a long group prayer before eating.  I feel bad, but then I don’t! My readers need options! Not just the pictures of what I eat. So everyone must sacrifice for the cause!


3) I have no problem with snapping pictures once at my table, but getting interior shots of the restaurant can be awkward. Younger generations are perceived as people who must document every moment for social media rather than LIVING in the moment.  I hate that a food blog really turned me in to the epitome of that person AND I feel that other patrons stereotype me as that.  When I start snapping away I can feel eyes gawking at me like what is she doing?? Is she the paparazzi??   So I snap quickly and mosey on to my table as fast as possible.  But if you look back there are a few pictures where I caught the evil glare of other patrons, HA!  A lot of my interior pictures are not as well orchestrated because of this. Best case scenario for me, is an empty restaurant THEN I can get plenty of good photos to share on here.


4) Staying up on the best new restaurants is SKRESSSSFUL.  Now that I have the blog I am constantly looking for new content, but even before then there was some level of pressure to stay up on the new places in Houston.  Seems like one restaurant opens and another one closes weekly, so it can be difficult to keep up.  As a self described foodie,  members of my circle depend on me to at least know about every new spot and even more so to have tried it before they go.  It is an impossible feat.


5) Maintaining a healthy weight is hard in this lifestyle.  Kicking off this food blog meant that I was committing to eating out more than the average person so that I have something to write about.  About three months and 60 posts later,  my clothes are not very pleased with this commitment! Every food blogger should probably have a fitness section on their website as well.  If I ever get off my couch and back in a gym, I will be sure to blog about it!

Everybodyyy do that yoga!

Everybodyyy do that yoga!

6) I constantly get hit up with a generic “Can you recommend a restaurant for me for dinner?” Well that is a complicated question that requires several follow up questions like, what’s your price range? What side of town? What kind of food do you like? People want me to generate an answer like I am the yelp app.  For whatever reason, I cannot perform my restaurant recommendation magic trick on the fly like this.  I need time to think!  Weigh options.  Do some research.  These questions are part of the reason I made this blog.  Now, rather than racking my brain to answer their questions, I send them here :).

Hmmm let me think! Better yet hit up BGWB!

Hmmm let me think! Better yet hit up BGWB!

7) Being a foodie inevitably turns you into a food snob.  Somehow we morph into Anthony Bourdain when a friend suggests going to dinner.  Chili’s you say?? Oh I think I am busy that night! Do not get me wrong, my wallet and I still enjoy your franchise restaurant or occasional fast food. It is just once you have had better, it is hard to maintain affection for food that we ALL know ain’t that good!


8) Unless I am there for an official event, I like to visit restaurants like a normal patron.  I do NOT like to mention that I am a food blogger.  For one, I do not feel like my website is brag worthy yet (God willing one day) and I have not been at this blogging thing for that long.   I also think the experience changes when the waiters know that you are going to go home and blog about them.  It is less authentic and it is best that I write about what my readers should expect when they eat there.  So my hope is that waiters are equally as mean or great to me as they are to everyone else so I can tell y’all allllllll about it.

Random but this childhood picture of me seemed fitting for this point! On my second birthday, when all eyes turned to me, I calmed up at the attention. This is STILL me to this day.

Random but this childhood picture of me seemed fitting for this point! On my second birthday, when all eyes turned to me, I clammed up at the attention. This is STILL me to this day.

I am sure as I blog more and get more involved in the foodie world, I will discover more “problems” but these are my thoughts for now.  Despite the “negatives” I could go on and on about how much fun this has been the last three months though! Always wanting to end with a positive, I will say that having a creative writing outlet and a place to share my foodie adventures has been the highlight of my year! For my fellow foodies be sure to add your “problems” in the comment section! AND thank you guys, for following, liking and sharing my blog!