Quick Post: Tout Suite

As a writer/blogger I make note of cute coffee shops that are great work spaces for the days that I just want to get out of the house. Tout Suite was next up on my list of places to try.  I stopped by during the brunch/lunch hour on a Saturday for a snack and a little writing time.  I pulled up the location via Apple Maps, but it sent me to a Jail/Bail Bondsman a few blocks up on Commerce. I thought it was an odd location for a coffee shop, but I confidently hopped out of my car as [...]

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Del Frisco’s Goodbye Dinner

It's Thursday so I might as well post a fuzzy throwback of Morgan and I! Back when I had braids and pretended to be natural at a natural hair event with this natural hair maven ha!  I could always count on her to do random unique things in Houston! I will selfishly miss my friend, but I am SO happy for her new opportunities back at home :) My dear friend Morgan left me to go back to her hometown yesterday :(.  It was only fitting for us to end it how it all began, with food.  We [...]

Tipsy Dessert Bar Festival Review

Friday night I went to the Tipsy Dessert Bar Festival with my family that was in town from Missouri and Dallas!  The festival was hosted by Tipsy Dessert Bar, a company that specializes in alcohol infused ice cream.  The venue for the event was the Silo Live Music Venue. This is one of THE most unique places I have ever been to in Houston.  It's just past downtown on I10 in an area that seems to be transforming from an industrial to residential area.  The Silo Live Music Venue personifies that.  I am not sure what industry it was used for [...]

Houston Restaurant Weeks: Oceanaire Seafood Room

Oceaniare Dining Room This past weekend we celebrated my friend Leeann's birthday at Oceaniare Seafood Room. If you recall, Oceanaire was on my list of places to go for Houston Restaurant Weeks so I was excited about this pick! We had a larger group so we were seated in a semi private area to the side of the main dining room.  The restaurant printed up personalized menus with "Happy Birthday Leeann!" for everyone.  They even put a ribbon on one and gave to my friend as a souvenir.  I thought that was a great touch! Personalized menu for the birthday [...]

Quick Post: Sprinkles ATM

While in Chicago last weekend, from my hotel room, I noticed their Sprinkles Cupcake ATM and was immediately jealous!  The geniuses over at Sprinkles created an ATM that dispenses fresh cupcakes 24/7, so you can fulfill your cravings at any hour of the day, especially after they have closed up shop.  My envy stemmed from the fact, that Houston's Sprinkle's was slated to get a cupcake ATM in 2012.  Well 2012 passed, then 2013, 2014 and half of 2015, still no cupcake ATM as far as I knew! View of downtown Chicago, with their Sprinkles in the bottom right!. [...]

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National Donut Day 

I decided to share this beauty in honor of National Donut Day.   It's a Shipley's donut bread pudding from Davis Street Restaurant in Houston.  Shipley's is the only donut that matters in Houston, so the Houstonian in me LOVED this dish.  So after all the donut shops close today you can still enjoy a doughnut for dessert in celebration of National Donut Day. 😊

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Sweet Temptations

I may or may not have a sweet tooth that is occasionally out of control however, this list is pretty strong evidence that I do. Tiff Treats This is an Austin, Texas implant with a few locations in Houston. Do not make the mistake of thinking that these are JUST cookies and you can buy them at Kroger's or make them yourself, because you cannot!! One dollar for a simple treat, loves it! Me thinking about Tiff Treats during a long day at work.  Dessert Gallery Dessert Gallery is a gallery of trouble for me! They have a variety of [...]