It's Thursday so I might as well post a throwback of Morgan and I! Back when I had braids and pretended to be natural at a natural hair event ha!

It’s Thursday so I might as well post a fuzzy throwback of Morgan and I! Back when I had braids and pretended to be natural at a natural hair event with this natural hair maven ha!  I could always count on her to do random unique things in Houston! I will selfishly miss my friend, but I am SO happy for her new opportunities back at home 🙂

My dear friend Morgan left me to go back to her hometown yesterday :(.  It was only fitting for us to end it how it all began, with food.  We of course went for the Houston Restaurants Weeks list to pick our restaurant for dinner.  We settled on our go to safe bet Del Frisco’s Grille on Kirby.   Being that it was her last night, we did not want to take any chances.  This is one of my favorite dinner spots in Houston. Yes it is a franchise but every city isn’t lucky enough to have the grille.  Most cities only have the steakhouse and here we are with that plus two grille locations.


: Del Friscos is right in the thick of things at the intersection of Westheimer and Kirby, two streets that seem to encompass everything nice and “happening” in Houston.  Current Westheimer construction aside, you really cannot have a better location.  The restaurant has a small patio out front that generally is packed full when the weather is better.  Inside, the bar tends to draw a crowd despite not having a happy hour.  They even have a private room for dinners and such.

Service: I want to note that Del Friscos always has great service. Often times you feel like there are several waiters working your table, because they work well as a team. The other night was no different.  Various waiters came to our tables to bring food, drinks etc and all were pleasant.

Horrible pic, but here is the menu.

Horrible pic, but here is the menu.

Drinks: I have ordered the white sangria just about every time i have gone to Del Friscos and it has never failed me.  I was surprised when my drink arrived with a Popsicle as the garnish instead of the typical fruit. Del Frisco’s changed it up on me! The sangria was still as good as always. The Popsicle was pure sugar, so I dropped in my drink instead of eating it separately.  My sister on the other hand sticks to the Tennessee Peach at Del Frisco’s.  She swears by that drink.

White Sangria

White Sangria

Food: If you recall, in my last post I mentioned that some places do not offer full servings during Houston Restaurant Weeks. Sorry to say Del Frisco’s is one of them. My appetizer and the dessert were considerably smaller than the normal size.  Since I generally share both of those courses when I am there, it worked to have the smaller portions since I did not share this go around.  I walked away full but not stuffed.

For my appetizer I went with the Philly Cheesesteak Egg rolls.  Such a random combination, but it works well.  I love those things. The normal plate includes an additional egg roll sliced in half.

Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls, not the best picture, but they are good! Trust me on this one.

Philly Cheesesteak Egg rolls, not the best picture, but they are good! Trust me on this one.

For my main course, I always get the burger and fries from Del Friscos.  I know, I know, it seems really juvenile of me to go to a restaurant and order a burger, but these are some of the best burgers that I have EVER had! Better than Five Guys, In and Out Burger, Becks Prime and up there with Pappa’s Burgers.  You name it and I am picking Del Frisco’s over it. They even bring out the burger with a cute little bottle of ketchup!!  The burger is not on the Restaurants Weeks menu so I had to branch out. *Heavy sigh*  I went for the chicken breast, boring too i know, but I wanted the mashed potatoes.  The chicken breast was just okay to me.  I expected more seasoning on the chicken itself and not from the barbecue like sauce that coated it. I did like the mashed potatoes though.  They included skin and chives, so I assumed they were mashed up right in the Del Frisco’s kitchen.  Despite the lackluster chicken, I will not look down on Del Frisco’s too much because again, that burger is bomb.

Now for dessert, I had the Nutella bread pudding.  So the backstory, I HATE soggy cakes, i.e. tres leches so I have avoided bread pudding all of my life until going to Del Frisco’s a few years ago. When the waiter slid that gorgeous plate of Nutella Bread Pudding in front of my friend, I could not wait until she offered me some.  It was as wonderful as I imagined. I have gone back several times just for the bread pudding.  For restaurant weeks, they are offering a smaller serving :(.  Truth be told I did not need a whole thing of bread pudding, but the display just isn’t as exciting.  For the most part it was as good as always.

Del Frisco’s Grille still remains one of my favorite dinner spots.  It may not be the best option on the Houston Restaurant Weeks menu, but if you have never been, the $35 three course option is probably the best time to try it out!

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