Friday night I went to the Tipsy Dessert Bar Festival with my family that was in town from Missouri and Dallas!  The festival was hosted by Tipsy Dessert Bar, a company that specializes in alcohol infused ice cream.  The venue for the event was the Silo Live Music Venue. This is one of THE most unique places I have ever been to in Houston.  It’s just past downtown on I10 in an area that seems to be transforming from an industrial to residential area.  The Silo Live Music Venue personifies that.  I am not sure what industry it was used for previously, but someone turned it into a unique concert venue. Sorry guys but I think I got more pictures of the venue than some of the desserts.

The Tipsy Desserts!

On to the festival! We RSVPed early for free and were able to indulge in free samples from several vendors.  I am an occasional baker, but I would have never thought to throw in some vodka or tequila in my favorite dessert.  All of these folks have taken your favorite desserts and added some kick to it.  Dessert wise, we had a bundt cakes, peach cobbler, banana pudding, cake pops, cheese cake, brownies AND plain old cake all with alcohol infused in it.  I was amazed with the creativity.  I came with my stomach full and ready to indulge and desserts so I did not try much of the regular food that was present.  There was also gumbo and tacos there too that all looked pretty good.  Like I said, I came for the desserts. Here are a some of things that I tried!

I always love the other types of vendors these festivals bring out. There was a great artist who hand paints onto sunglasses, giving your plain shades a pop of color and spunk .   Plus a couple of photo booth vendors but one, Snapped by Nicole, happened to have an abandoned bus as their backdrop so we could not resist.


There were plenty of musicians lined up to play going well into the night, but we decided to head out early.  As we headed out, we discovered that my car was blocked in :(. Thankfully, one of the geniuses who blocked me in returned before I completely flipped out!  Despite the parking mess, I loved this event.  I am always looking for unique things to do in this great city. Any event centered around food will always catch my attention. This one met all those criteria and was done really well. Best of all, I connected with some great dessert vendors for future events.  I really hope this event becomes an annual thing with the same venue each year! I would definitely go back!