I may or may not have a sweet tooth that is occasionally out of control however, this list is pretty strong evidence that I do.

Tiff Treats

This is an Austin, Texas implant with a few locations in Houston. Do not make the mistake of thinking that these are JUST cookies and you can buy them at Kroger’s or make them yourself, because you cannot!! One dollar for a simple treat, loves it!


Me thinking about Tiff Treats during a long day at work. 

Dessert Gallery

Dessert Gallery is a gallery of trouble for me! They have a variety of cakes, cookies, cupcakes and pies. This is my go to place for birthday cakes and graduation cakes. Yes, they are pricier than a grocery store cake but you certainly can tell the difference. Their cakes are thick, so a smaller cake can go a long way. They also sell cakes by the slice, which I find to be a little too convenient for my diet plan.

JPEG image-8B4189DE3FFC-1

The cake display at Dessert Gallery.


My cousin’s birthday cake from Dessert Gallery, topped with birthday sparklers.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

This is a franchise place that’s all over the country but it is still on my list. In my experience bundt cakes usually have a harder crust around the outside but not this place. I do not know how they do it, but the ENTIRE cake is moist as if they pulled it from the center of a cake. Love this place.

JPEG image-BCD8166F0EB7-1

A small marble bunt cake.

The Chocolate Bar

With Houston’s location of Dylan’s Candy Bar closed, this is the closet thing we have to a real life Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I am not chocolate obsessed like some folks, but at the Chocolate Bar I wanted EVERYTHING I saw. From chocolate covered pringles, cookies, ice cream, to large chocolate cakes that rivaled the cake in the movie Matilda. Beyond just looking good, everything tasted good too. The Chocolate Bar is also open late which is great seeing as those sweet cravings always seem to come late at night.

JPEG image-188FDC6AFEAA-1

This cake was HUGE! I shared with my best friend and got a side of smores ice cream.

POParazzi popcorn

This gourmet popcorn spot offers so many flavors including savory ones like BBQ sandwich.  It’s their sweet popcorn that get me though.  The cinnamon toast crunch and the fruit loops flavors are so good! I stop over at their main location every time I am out by the football stadium and I frequent their booth in the Galleria Mall.  Best of all they deliver nationwide for folks wanting to try.


JPEG image-5E27DD0584D5-1

Small Cakes Bakery

Small Cakes made me fall in love with cake balls. Those simple little treats are so moist and the perfect little size. I have considered myself a cupcakery aficionado since their rise in popularity and I must say Small Cakes is one of my favorites. You cannot go wrong with the cupcakes or cakeballs.

JPEG image-90D73FFEDEC8-1 My small cakes birthday cupcakes from last year. 

What’s up next to try? The gym. I am not accepting any new dessert recommendations because I currently know of TOO many sweet temptations