Houston Rodeo

I would be wrong if I did not mention one of the BIGGEST food events in Houston, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Yes, this is really supposed to be about concerts, bull riding and mutton busting (youtube it), but the food is what brings many folks back year after year from February to March. For those of you who are new to Houston, please understand that EVERYONE of all races, ages, genders, socio-economic backgrounds attends the rodeo every year. It is one of the events that truly shows how diverse Houston is as a city Each year a barbecue [...]

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Finding Great Local Restaurants

Surprisingly to some, Houston is really home to great restaurants. Our restaurant landscape is constantly changing so there are always some new critically acclaimed restaurant to try. Here is how I try to stay in the know… Blogs I do not think you can be a blogger without reading other blogs. My favorites are the national ones like Zagat Houston and Houston Eater. I am also on Zagat’s email list. They are not a frequent emailers, but when they do send emails it’s full of great suggestions about new or unique restaurants in Houston. My level of excitement when I [...]

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Second Time’s A Charm

In August 2013, my foodie group began at a locally black owned restaurant named Lucille’s for a birthday dinner for one of my co-workers. Leading up to our dinner, we had been tickled over a harsh review in the Houston Chronicle, where the owner took to the comments section to defend his baby. Despite the forewarnings, we made the trek to the Museum District to partake in Lucille’s Restaurant Weeks menu. The few things that were good, were GOOD and what was bad was BAD. The bad things have a way of outweighing the good things and we ultimately walked [...]

Starting a Supper Club/ Foodie Group

My foodie group :) Anyone who loves to eat out like me needs to be a member of a supper club or a foodie group! Mine started organically during Houston's Restaurant Week in 2013.  A few co-workers and I went to dinner for one of the lady's birthday.  We had so much fun we decided to make it a monthly thing. Here is how it works for us: 1) Reservations are a must, use Open Table It just makes life easier trust me.  Many of the restaurants we venture to prefer reservations for one, and it means there [...]

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