Surprisingly to some, Houston is really home to great restaurants. Our restaurant landscape is constantly changing so there are always some new critically acclaimed restaurant to try. Here is how I try to stay in the know…


  • I do not think you can be a blogger without reading other blogs. My favorites are the national ones like Zagat Houston and Houston Eater. I am also on Zagat’s email list. They are not a frequent emailers, but when they do send emails it’s full of great suggestions about new or unique restaurants in Houston.


My level of excitement when I see a new restaurant I want to try in the blogs.

Riding Around Town 

  • I keep my notepad on my iPhone handy while I’m traveling through the city. Whenever I see somewhere new or a place that I have not been, I jot it down on my phone and then check out the menu and reviews when I get home. There are certain areas in Houston were great unique restaurants tend to gravitate to, such as Midtown, the Galleria, Washington or Montrose so I stay alert while riding in these areas.

Surrounding Yourself with Fellow Foodies

  • My fellow restaurant lovers and I spend a lot of time discussing restaurants we’ve been to and other places that we’d like to go. They are great sources for information, because they, like me, always have their eye out for places. Beyond just my foodies, all of my friends know that I enjoy restaurants, so when they hear of anything new and fun they are quick to tell me.


  • Websites like Yelp are great to check places out before you go and to find new places. When checking out a review, look towards the bottom and you’ll see similar places listed. My favorite find in that section was the restaurant Hearsay. Open table, will also advertise restaurants in a similar way, when you are reserving your tables.