In August 2013, my foodie group began at a locally black owned restaurant named Lucille’s for a birthday dinner for one of my co-workers. Leading up to our dinner, we had been tickled over a harsh review in the Houston Chronicle, where the owner took to the comments section to defend his baby. Despite the forewarnings, we made the trek to the Museum District to partake in Lucille’s Restaurant Weeks menu. The few things that were good, were GOOD and what was bad was BAD. The bad things have a way of outweighing the good things and we ultimately walked away with a negative outlook on the restaurant. First time, I LOVED the fried chicken and the fried oyster sliders. Hated the soupy mac and cheese and the bland collard greens. For black folks, bland collard greens really is a sin against your forefathers. Was the grocery store out of ham hocks? Bacon?? And everyone knows I love mac and cheese, so failing in that area just hurts my heart.

IMG_1154 IMG_1155

My pics from the my first trip to Lucille’s a few years back! 

In the years since, I’ve encountered so many people who raved about Lucille’s. These happen to be people whose foodie opinions I respect, so I decided to give it another try. So when a friend invited me to a black professional meet up at Lucille’s a few weekends ago I thought I would take her up on the offer. Unfortunately, the oysters sliders that I loved have been downgraded to plain ole fried oysters, so I passed on those. But everything else was great. The fried chicken was as good I remembered. AND praise GAWD, someone put the mac and cheese in the oven so it had the perfect consistency. I actually LIKED it. I could’ve taken another plate to go. Then they mixed some veggies and seasonings with the greens making a perfect match.   I had a plate of the owner’s family recipe of rolls to go with it as well. All divine. I will officially place Lucille’s on my recommended list.

Fried Chicken Gif

Me, indulging in fried chicken like Celia Foote.


And my food this go around! Much BETTER! We sat on their cute back patio hence why the pictures are dark. Looks like a great place for private party.

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