It’s been awhile since my foodie group and I planned an official foodie group gathering. We finally came together to try out Weights and Measures a newer restaurant in Midtown. I had heard great reviews from a few other friends plus, the restaurant has been named to a lot of Best of Houston lists recently.  After stopping by last week, I would say Weights and Measures is deserving of all the accolades.

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(Me while at a great brunch)

The Food: I strayed away from traditional brunch fare and had a pepperoni and arguella  pizza. The look and the tastes were both on par. As we are trying to be a healthier foodie group, a few others in the group went for some of the egg white dishes with a side of spinach. They offered several sides allowing you to sort of make your own brunch. My friends enjoyed that option.

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The Service : We are that group that arrives at 11 am during prime brunch time and stays till five pm, literally. The staff could not be more accommodating despite us hogging up a table during most of their brunch rush. We stayed long enough for a second round of food. This time I grabbed one of their signature dishes, doughknots.  These are best described as a combination of beignets, traditional donuts and sopapillas. Loved them!

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The Drinks: If they had mimosas, I do not recall, so we can say it’s not their “thing” for brunch. Unfortunately I cannot remember what the name of this drink was but it was good and fruity which is always my preference.

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The Setup: The décor was probably my favorite part. It’s designed in kind of a modern 70s theme with bright orange as the trademark color. It is really a beautiful restaurant with large windows allowing for the sun to shine through.


The Unique Things: So this is kind of a two in one review, because right outside of Weights and Measures is Slow Dough, a bakery owned by the same folks. Bread is my vice and every thing offered by Slow Dough looked delicious. From the cookies and muffins to the basic loafs of bread. I enjoyed a large white chocolate chip cookie after my brunch.  Your Weights and Measures waitress can bring over your order from Slow Dough and include it with your restaurant tab. I planned to grab something on my way out but unfortunately they close early 🙁

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