My foodie group 🙂

Anyone who loves to eat out like me needs to be a member of a supper club or a foodie group!
Mine started organically during Houston’s Restaurant Week in 2013.  A few co-workers and I went to dinner for one of the lady’s birthday.  We had so much fun we decided to make it a monthly thing.

Here is how it works for us:

1) Reservations are a must, use Open Table

It just makes life easier trust me.  Many of the restaurants we venture to prefer reservations for one, and it means there is no time spent waiting to be seated.  I make every reservation on the Open Table app. Open Table awards a certain number of points for each reservation, those points amount to $$, to be used at the next foodie group event! Plus Open Table, sends you reminders and easily lets you change your reservation.

2) New Places- more fun 

We try to find restaurants that none of us have been to, because it makes it a more fun experience for everyone.  You would think this would be difficult since all of us frequent restaurants in Houston outside of our foodie group, but Houston has so many restaurants, we never seem to run out of new places to try.

3) Cocktails, Appetizers, Entrees AND Desserts are a necessity

The idea of foodie group is to really experience what a restaurant has to offer, so our goal is to try something in every section of the menu, a cocktail (or two), appetizer, entree and dessert. On top of that, as a group we try to order different things so we can all taste a variety of things on the menu.

4) Good conversation

Several courses, means a longer a dinner, so make sure to invite people who you can have great conversations with.  The ladies in my group are all black attorneys who share my love of the law, reality TV, celebrity gossip, politics, you name it we talk about it!  Look for people who share commonalities with when deciding who to join your group.The conversations are probably a close second for me to the food.

5) Divide the check equally 

We obviously share food as described above.  Nicer establishments are not always amendable to splitting checks in the manner that your average Applebee’s does so it is best to come prepared with cash or another game plan. Since we share food and tend to each order about the same amount, we have often just split the bill evenly amongst the group.  We have pulled out our calculators and divided the check before, but they do not teach “math” in law school, so that was a headache.  At a minimum be aware of restaurant’s policies with regards to splitting checks!