For this month’s foodie group/birthday celebration for one of my friends, we went to Gloria’s Latin Cuisine Restaurant.  Let me start by saying that Tex-Mex is huge in Houston. There are variations of Mexican restaurants and Tex-Mex restaurants literally on every corner here.  With so many options, everyone I know calls a different Tex-Mex/Mexican restaurant their favorite.  Due to so many options, it is hard for a restaurant to stand out to me in this cuisine area.  Many of my friend’s call Gloria’s their favorite and on my first two visits I really did not understand why.  I reluctantly went back with my friends for a third visit and must say I was much more impressed this go around.

The Setup: Gloria’s is in midtown right off a major thoroughfare.  The facade is gorgeous and caught my eye immediately especially their patio.  On Friday nights it transforms into a latin night club, complete with VIP sections and everything.  After we had paid our bills, waiters came and removed our table and put up ropes transforming our section into VIP.  I did not stay long for the club portion of the night, but it looked like the club goers were having a great time salsa dancing.

The Service: Let me start with the good, our waiter was amazing! Very attentive and nice, despite us hogging up his table for hours. Per usual, we tipped him very well.   Now the bad, Gloria’s does not seat incomplete parties.  I completely understand this rule when it’s peak dinner time, but at 5pm when there is only one group in the main dining room, the rule serves no purpose.  I am always the early bird, so I sat at the bar while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. I figured the bartender would send over some chips and salsa so I could nibble while I waited, but no.  The bartender was the complete opposite of our waiter, inattentive and borderline rude.  The bartender never offered us chips and salsa, but quickly ordered some for every group that sat near us. I had to flag down a waiter myself for an order of chips.  We were eager to be seated away from the bar, once the rest of our group arrived.

The Food: Well you gotta start with queso when you go to a Tex- Mex restaurant. Gloria’s queso is pretty good, ( I will eventually make a list of my favorite quesos in Houston because it is that important to me!)


I went for a safer choice during this trip to Gloria’s, ordering the enchilada trio with sour cream sauce. I love sour cream and could not decide between the chicken, beef or shrimp so I went with the trio. I do not eat beans in general so I cannot speak on that, but the rice was good too. Overall a great choice, that I will stick to on future trips to Gloria’s.

I grabbed pictures of my friends food as well, because we have such different tastes which is highlighted in our food choices. Everyone loved the food.

JPEG image-2A0742D72BB4-1The birthday girl, went for the carne asada. As someone who grew up on the West Coast, she cannot get with this Tex-Mex version of Mexican food, so orders the more traditional options.

JPEG image-CF10829FD564-1

One of my friends does not eat meat, so she goes for the seafood options during our foodie outings.  This pick, a seafood soup had all of us eyeing it as our waiter sat it down.

JPEG image-119EFD25290F-1

The nachos, look simple, but they are packed full with meat.  They are a favorite of my friend who comes to Gloria’s often.

JPEG image-0CD066CFFF50-1

My other friend kind of created her own health conscious meal, skipping out on the typical beans and rice and going for cooked veggies which looked amazing.

JPEG image-B44098A8E54B-1 JPEG image-2A8A29429CC3-1

Then we had to have dessert, because why not. The top picture is my chocolate brownie that I devoured.  The bottom picture is the Vanilla Paradise my friend had, which is vanilla ice cream on a bed of fruit with chocolate sauce.

The Drinks: I had the Skinny Orange Mojito. I did not really taste the orange zest that the menu listed as an ingredient, but I was REALLY good.  My friends all enjoyed their drinks as well.  I had to tap out by they time they reached round two, because I am a light weight.

JPEG image-BE0ED1DD8341-1

Overall: Gloria’s is a decent restaurant with good drinks, queso and several good choices on the menu.  Also, if you like the club scene, you cannot beat dinner and then a night of dancing all in one spot.

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