Killen’s Barbecue and Tailgating

I have proclaimed my love of Kansas City barbecue on this very venue a many a times.  I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that the place that I currently reside is also known for being home of the best barbecue in the country as well (I only acknowledge Texas, Memphis and KC for this accolade!).  When I mention that I have a food blog there are certain places that people always ask if I have visited, Killen's in Pearland usually tops the list.  When I say that I have not been, there is initial shock and then [...]

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Foodie Travels: An Ode to Kansas City Barbecue

My holiday weekend in Kansas City was all about barbecue.  I literally ate barbecue every day that I was there.  Fresh off the plane from Houston, my sister and I asked my aunt to take us straight to Gates barbecue before we did anything else. Ironically, on our way to Gates we saw a KC barbecue tour bus stopped at another barbecue place, LC's barbecue. So here is the thing about Kanas City, there are A LOT of barbecue places there and everyone has their favorite.  People and the Food Network will name Arthur Bryants', Smokehouse or Joe's Kansas City Barbecue (formerly [...]

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Foodie Travels: Kansas City

At least once a year I make the trip to Kansas City, my birthplace and where most of my family still lives (Houston is still home though!)  I was only in town for a few days for the fourth of July but I was eager to try out a new restaurant for brunch while there.   I planned to meet some college friends who live there and wanted somewhere that was unique to Kansas City.  I asked my twitter followers if Kansas City had any "cute brunch" places and one of my friend offered up Char Bar.  It definitely met my expectations! [...]

Texas BBQ

My friends and I at the Swinging Door Full disclosure, although I was raised in Houston, I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, which is known for it's barbecue.  For me, the pinnacle of barbecue will always be Kansas City barbecue.  Even with my limited expectations, I still venture out to Houston barbecue spots from time to time.  Before heading to Braman Winery, we stopped down the street to Swinging Door Barbecue for a birthday dinner. First rule, when you pull up to a barbecue spot, you should be able to smell it outside. Swinging Door passed this test. Then [...]

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