My holiday weekend in Kansas City was all about barbecue.  I literally ate barbecue every day that I was there.  Fresh off the plane from Houston, my sister and I asked my aunt to take us straight to Gates barbecue before we did anything else. Ironically, on our way to Gates we saw a KC barbecue tour bus stopped at another barbecue place, LC’s barbecue. So here is the thing about Kanas City, there are A LOT of barbecue places there and everyone has their favorite.  People and the Food Network will name Arthur Bryants’, Smokehouse or Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue (formerly Oklahoma Joe’s) as the best barbecue in Kansas City but MY personal favorite is Gates Barbecue.  When you drive around Kansas City, Gates’ is what you will see as they have several locations, not the aforementioned places that seem to get all of the national praise.


We stopped over at the location near the Plaza area. It is probably my favorite location.  Once inside we picked the to go line. Gates uses an “advanced” ordering system, which starts with the cashier asking you “HOW MAY I HELPPPP YOU?”, in a loud obnoxious voice.  Then you tell the cashier your order.  The cashier proceeds to yell your order back to the cook like this ” BEEF ON BUN PLEASSSEEE.  SIDE OF BEANNNS PLEASE!!” I wish I could have recorded it so you can get the full affect, but they are known for their presentation.


I stuck with what I always get.  A ham sandwich on a bun with fries AND a side of ribs.  Yes, a side of ribs, don’t worry I shared them.  The biggest export from Kansas City barbecue is probably KC masterpiece which is a sweet sauce, but Gates’ isn’t sweet.  I go for the sweet sauce anywhere but in Kansas City.  Gates sauce is perfection.  I have even given it out as party favors.  Everything about it was perfect but I think My favorite par is the bread that is included under the ribs.  By the time you get to it, it’s soaked in barbecue sauce, grease and pickle juice.  That right there is heaven.

Ham on bun please!

Ham on bun please!

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My sisters' beef on bun plus baked beans.

My sisters’ beef on bun plus baked beans.

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While we are on the topic of Kansas City, here are a few touristy things I saw this time around!


Royals Stadium! I have passed this place a million times but this was the first time in my lifetime that it was right after the Royals played in the World Series! Even though they lost the championship the excitement for the Royals is still strong.  Chiefs red has been replaced by Royal blue all around town.  Blue is a better color anyway!

shkotherapps 4I also saw Kelly’s up close in personal for the first time ever. Kelly’s is a famous bar in Kansas City’s Westport area.  There are several reasons that it’s famous but for me, I remember it as the set of the 90s TV Show Malcolm and Eddie!