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At least once a year I make the trip to Kansas City, my birthplace and where most of my family still lives (Houston is still home though!)  I was only in town for a few days for the fourth of July but I was eager to try out a new restaurant for brunch while there.   I planned to meet some college friends who live there and wanted somewhere that was unique to Kansas City.  I asked my twitter followers if Kansas City had any “cute brunch” places and one of my friend offered up Char Bar.  It definitely met my expectations! Here’s my review:

Drinks: We had the peach mimosas, not the best mimosa I’ve ever had.  It was a twist on your typical mimosa with Crown Royal added to it. The addition of the Crown Royal is probably what I didn’t care for. IMG_7108

Setup: Char Bar goes for a kitschy camping theme in a cute way. They have lights inside that look like little flames.  The chairs are lawn chairs so to speak and the plates have an old school camping feel to me.  Outside is where their setup really stands out.  It’s a full on dog park (I didn’t see any dogs while I was there) with an outdoor bar and tables. There are plenty of televisions around and it seems to be the spot to watch games on the weekends. A lot of thought and effort was put into the setup of this place and it shows.  My pictures unfortunately do not do it justice!



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Food: Kansas City is known for barbecue.  It’s kind of like when you got to Boston and seafood is incorporated into every menu.  That’s how Kansas City is, so it was no surprise to me that Char Bar found a way to make barbecue work for brunch.  I had the the Campfire breakfast, which comes with eggs (I subbed the eggs for another biscuit), biscuits, bacon, ham, and cheese grits.  Loved it! The bacon and ham were not too salty, which is generally my concern when I load up with pork.  My friend had the brisket and eggs.  She also enjoyed her food.

My food :)

My food 🙂

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Overall, Char Bar went above and beyond! It is a super cute venue with great food.  I definitely recommended it to my friends and family who live in Kansas City.

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