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My friends and I at the Swinging Door

Full disclosure, although I was raised in Houston, I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, which is known for it’s barbecue.  For me, the pinnacle of barbecue will always be Kansas City barbecue.  Even with my limited expectations, I still venture out to Houston barbecue spots from time to time.  Before heading to Braman Winery, we stopped down the street to Swinging Door Barbecue for a birthday dinner.

First rule, when you pull up to a barbecue spot, you should be able to smell it outside. Swinging Door passed this test. Then good barbecue always brings a crowd.  Swinging Door is pretty much in the boonies, but the parking lot was full at 6pm.  Another good sign. My mouth was already watering before walking in.


Once inside,  at our table, they gave us these simple handwritten menus that were cute and to the point. I loved them. Then our waitress brought out a basket of bread with their signature sauce for the table.  I love soggy white bread dipped in barbecue sauce, so again points for them.  For my entree, I ordered the baked potato with a side of brisket.   Now I know that all the little plastic containers make for a less appetizing picture, but I love that they let ME apply my fixings how I want.  So often when I get a barbecue baked potato it comes with the butter piled on top of the sour cream.  That’s just wrong.  Anywho, I mixed it all together just the way I like it and it was perfect! I tried a friend’s sausage and it was good as well.   Also, I would recommend sharing the bowl of brisket with someone else.  It was enough for my friend and I both to use on our potatoes.


My cute menu! 

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The Food! 

If I am every out in Richmond again (most likely visiting the winery), I’ll make a point to get another potato to go.