I have been blogging steadily for about three months and somehow this is my first post about a Houston Food Truck! (Check out my post about Dallas Food Trucks here).  Kind of surprising since I love food trucks.  My job opens its’ doors to several food trucks daily during the lunch hour.  When I am able to escape my office for lunch, food trucks are one of my first picks. On Friday I went for the Waffle Bus.  I would say this is the most popular food truck in Houston.  I have yet to attend a food truck festival where they were not present and they always have the longest line!  After eating there, I understand why.

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Close up of the menu!

For those who have not had the pleasure of eating here, the Waffle Bus plays up the popular combo of waffles and wings.   But as with most food trucks, Waffle Bus puts their own spin on the idea.  So yes they have the typical sweet waffles, but they also serve waffle fries.  They even make sliders out of those waffle fries.   I have been to the waffle bus several times and admittedly have only tried a few things. The waffle fries sliders, chicken salad and the waffle fries & wings.  Every time I go, I tell myself I am going to try something new, but of course I end up sticking with what I know.   This time, the waffles and wings were calling me!!!  I ordered the four wings and fries for eight bucks. Per usual, they were on point. I LOVE the seasoning and breading they use on the wings.  Waffle Bus offers several different wings sauces.  I kept it simple with the buffalo ranch.  The fries are really my favorite part.  They look like the frozen kind that everyone seems to use.  Once you bite into them it is clear these are a step above.  Seasoned well and fried perfectly. They also give you such a large portion that you can easily share an order. This combination is perfect and if I still had my twenty year old metabolism, I would probably be here for daily 🙂

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Chicken and wings!

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