I made it back to B&B Butcher’s before Houston Restaurant Week ended as promised.  Frankly, B&B Butchers is a budget buster (say that three times fast), SO I needed the budget friendly Restaurants Week menu to indulge once again.  This time, my sister, mother and I went on a Sunday for lunch.  I will just touch on what was different about this experience.  For my full review, check out my last post.


On my last visit, I was treated to a tasting menu with the Houston Food Bloggers Collective.  The service was impeccable, but they of course knew that we were all food bloggers.  Poor service would have been incredibly bad for business.  This go around, I made note of the service and honestly, I think it rose to the level that we received the first time.  We got off to a bit of a rocky start with the waiter taking a little too long to provide us with menus.  After that we were good.  At certain points we had about three waiters assisting us.  It always feels good to be waited on hand and foot.


Food wise, I went with some of my favorites from last time such as the Carpet Baggers and the Mac and Cheese. The Carpet Baggers still are by far the best thing on the menu.  That thick slice of bacon is still the best thing ever.  I cannot have bacon in my house because I will eat the whole pack, but ONE day I going to get a package of that bacon from the in house butcher. The macaroni and cheese was good, but for whatever reason I remember it being a tad better and with less mushrooms.

For my appetizer, I had the B&B Beef & Barley Soup.  It was good, not the best soup I have ever had but good.  My mother ordered the soup du jour which was a cream of asparagus soup.  She was pretty impressed with the flavor of that soup.  For entrees, I ordered the open face steak sandwich with fries.  “Open face” basically means we are giving you one slice of bread and in this carb hating world that is a good thing!  Just like last time, the steak was prefect, I loved every bit of it.  I was not a huge fan of the Roquefort cheese.  That is just me though.  I bet others will like it.  For her entree, my mother ordered the burger.  Yes, it seems crazy to order a burger at a steakhouse but remember this place is also a butcher! That burger looked amazing and made me kinda wish I went with that instead.  The dessert was the open face (again just one cookie) ice cream sandwich that we had on my previous trip.  Last time, the cookie was comprised of two different flavors.  This time it was just one type of cookie.  It was good, I was just too full to finish it!

Again for more details, check my previous post! I wanted to post again about my experience at B&B Butchers outside of a food blogger event.  If you did not trust my last post because of the group I was with, now you know, it was not a fluke. This place is actually good :).