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I made my first trip to New Orleans earlier this spring for a work conference. It is kind of surprising that it was my first trip considering that Nawlins combines two of my favorite things, History and Food! Remember I was there for a work event, so put aside the liquor aspect of New Orleans for a moment. Here are the food places I got to try during my short visit for a conference. I plan to go back soon just to indulge in more food, history and perhaps the Bourbon Street side of things.

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Café Du Monde

Obligatory stop for any visitor to New Orleans. Please do not discount this as a typical “tourist trap” serving subpar food, those beignets really live up to the hype. Yes I had to wait in a lengthy line, in the rain, but I have no regrets. The line moves pretty fast and I think it is because the menu is so simple, just coffee and beignets, making the whole ordering process and food delivery quick. All and all, it’s a great afternoon snack.

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A plate of the famous beignets with an iced coffee. 

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The Cafe Du Monde menu.


Outside, while waiting in line. As you can see it was packed. 

Mother’s Restaurant

I first heard of Mother’s from a Beyonce Instagram post. Of course her endorsement carries a lot of weight with me, so I added it to my list of places to check out. Mother’s is known for their baked ham, and I love some good swine. This is a tourist hot spot, so we went a little early to beat the dinner crowd and were done just before the line started to form. As soul food restaurant go, Mother’s was just okay to me, but I have heard that their breakfast is better than the dinner so maybe I will go back for that.


Because I love any excuse to use a Beyonce gif 🙂 

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Outside of Mother’s Restaurant.

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Ham, Greens and Red beans & rice plus some french fries just cause.

Deanie’s Seafood

Several friends recommended Deanie’s for dinner, so we trudged through the rain for a few blocks and waited over an hour for a table. In picking restaurants, my co-worker and I hoped for those authentic hole in the wall places and to us Deanie’s had more of a franchise feel. On to the food, first off they bring the table the potatoes that have cooked with the crawfish instead of your typical bread. They had a nice little kick to them and I appreciated the unique free appetizer because after an hour wait, I was starving. For my entrée, I ordered the Crabmeat Au Gratin, which again was a unique spin on those potatoes we all ate as kids. It was not super filling, but I really liked it! Based on the food alone, I could see why Deanie’s has made it on Best of New Orleans lists.

JPEG image-BF2B7A947199-1JPEG image-5319369E13C5-1The Crabmeat AuGratin and the spicy potatoes. 

Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar

We asked the concierge at our conference hotel for lunch restaurant recommendations that were within walking distance. Felix’s Oyster Bar seemed the most appealing. This place was my top pick from the weekend. I had the Crawfish Étouffée and my co-worker had one of their many oyster dishes. Both dishes were really good and the service was excellent is well. Felix’s seems to be right in the mix of things too, making it easy to walk to from other popular spots.

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My Crawfish Étouffée 🙂

Palace Café

We picked this place solely for convenience purposes as it was across the street from our hotel on Canal Street and we had a flight home in an hour. You cannot miss the vintage marquee sign.   I had the Andouille crusted fish with a side of potatoes. It was not to die for, but again we were there for convenience purposes.

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The sidewalk view of Palace Cafe.

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The Andouille crusted fish from Palace Cafe. 

Next to the great food, my other favorite part of my trip was a Ghost Tour that we took through the French Quarter. Before you ask, no I do not believe in ghosts, but ghosts stories usually have some historical aspect to them and that is what intrigued me. It was a rainy foggy night, so I got some nice creepy pictures right before the start of the tours. Below are a few pictures of St. Louis Cathedral from different angles.  The church was ironically on the haunted tour as well.

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We visited Madame LaLaurie’s house which is allegedly haunted by the slaves the owner abused.   People are more interested in it today because it was the focal point of a season of American Horror Story.

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Madame LaLaurie’s House.