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It bears repeating that I just love eating out, that includes, breakfast, brunch, lunch, happy hour dinner, dessert. But brunch, it holds a special place in my food loving heart. A good brunch has the right element of haughtiness to quell the inner bougey black girl who resides in all of us. It’s a menu that includes breakfast and lunch items, so no matter what you are feeling it’s got you covered. It goes till about 2 or 3pm so even though you just rolled out of bed at 1:30pm after a night of drinking and partying you can still enjoy some great pancakes or waffles. Then the signature drink is a mimosa, which a light weight drinker like myself can handle in bottomless proportions.

Here are a few of my favorite brunch places in Houston currently because the list is always changing, in no particular order.

JPEG image-C8D50FEEB727-1

1) Beaucoup

Why?? Because they offer a mimosa glass AND a carafe for $5!!! You cannot beat that! With a deal like that be prepared to wait to be seated. On my first visit we grew tired of waiting and started looking at other brunch options just as our table was finally called. The original location is somewhat of a trek for me, but they recently opened a location on Richmond. I will be back for the $5 carafes.

JPEG image-C3A8D86B0050-1

Wings and waffles and the $5 carafe deal. 

2) Adair

You have probably never heard of it, and that is one of the reasons I like it.  I love everything about this place, it’s kinda in the Galleria area and kinda not, so it’s not in a high demand like some of the other places on the list. The set up is super cute, food is really good and the prices are not bad at all. My go to brunch dish here is the crispy chicken and waffles. They also have a full bar so you can get your fill of mimosas or whatever hangover cure you prefer.  Also, on lazy days, I just order from home via Uber Eats!

JPEG image-E99295D1B888-1

Waffles and Chicken Strips

JPEG image-ECEFEC20297E-1

Here are the cute chalkboard menus at Adair. 

3) Max’s Wine Dive

This is hands down my favorite place in Houston. I am drawn to the somewhat fanciness of the menu coupled with the laid back feel of the restaurant decor. You cannot go wrong with mimosas and fried chicken served in a dive like setting. I stick to the original location on Washington. My go to dish is the french toast with a few chicken wings on the side.

JPEG image-4BF75CAE3AB4-1

The Creme Brulee french toast, mimosas, and pancakes with their famous wings. 

4) Breakfast Klub

Shockingly, I just made my first trip to the Breakfast Klub this year because I cannot stand lines. This place is probably better described as an after church “breakfast spot” rather than a brunch spot because they do not serve alcohol, still their chicken and waffles are unbeatable in Houston. Go during the week so you can stand in a SHORTER line, but know that there will still be a line.

JPEG image-52846026DE92-1

The standard Breakfast Klub waffles and wings.

5) Baba Yega

I still do not know what that name means, butttt this place is a serious brunch spot! I generally do not care for buffets but this one is good. Great options for vegans and vegetarians too. They also have mimosa pitchers that my foodie group and I indulged in. On top of that, they have a cute patio.  I have no pictures, because frankly the plate I make at a buffet just isn’t photogenic. (Update: my sister found a picture of her fruit plate, so I added it below 🙂 ) 

JPEG image-421447E00202-1

6) Backstreet Cafe

This place is just so cute to me. The restaurant is housed in what looks like a converted house. The menu is limiting for me because I am not a fan of eggs and that seems to be a major component of every dish. Because of this I did not care for my french toast, which was heavily egg battered. I will not say it’s bad, it is just not how I prefer my French toast. I nibbled on my friends leftovers which they were so kind enough to offer me, so I can say that the shrimp and grits are great and the mac and cheese is worth coming back for.

JPEG image-40F5CFB58C85-1

Top left a small plate of buttermilk biscuits, to the right my friend’s shrimp and grits which she so graciously shared with me. Bottom left, my french toast and to the bottom right is the vegetarian platter including their delicious mac and cheese. 

7) 51Fifteen at Saks 5th Avenue

This place is the personification of what I imagined “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was about as a child. A fancy restaurant in a high end department store. Atmosphere alone sold me, but the food is pretty good too, plus they had $12 bottomless mimosas.

JPEG image-E813E8A26575-1

I visited 51fifteen during Houston Restaurants Weeks when they had a different menu. Up top to the left is grilled andouille sausage with spinach and polenta cake. To the right a carrot cake Twinkie and finally chicken with a buttermilk waffle. 

8) Del Frisco’s Grille

Del Frisco’s is my go to dinner spot, especially for out of town guests, and they happen to have a good brunch too. I recommend the red velvet waffles with a side of bacon paired with a mimosa of course.

JPEG image-BB3425DAC4C3-1JPEG image-1CACC133214E-1

Del Frisco’s also offers mimosa carafes. 

9) Davis Street

This is a newer black owned and operated restaurant in Houston near Herman Park. The bar is really cute with sleek green chairs and nice modern touches. I had the bananas fosters pancakes even though I am not typically a fan of bananas or pancakes, but they won me over. Definitely a good brunch spot.

JPEG image-59D8DF1F8CFA-1

Bananas Foster Pancakes.

10) Rainbow Lodge

Although I grew up in Houston, I had never heard of this place until recently.  Apparently it has been a Houston favorite for many years.  I went with a friend with a group that she belongs to.  We had great company, great food and scenic views from the back patio.  I stepped out of the box and ordered the crab cakes, which were very good.  Ahhh and the best part were the rolls.  


Crab Cakes and a small salad.

Up Next:

  • Bird and the Bear, its one of the few places I am aware of in Houston that offers bottomless mimosas. I’ll take an uber for that trip.
  • Lucille’s for brunch, as I posted, I’ve been there for dinner but I have heard great reviews about their brunch.
  • Dish Society– It’s been showing up on several go to best brunch lists so I have added it to my list.

Check out an updated version of this list here.