Foodie Travels: Wahlburgers!

Wahlburgers; Hingham MA One of my favorite things to do in my free time is watch all types of reality tv and I am not afraid to admit it!  While channel surfing one weekend I discovered Wahlburgers, a show about the Wahlbergs' attempt to start a burger chain with their brother who is a chef.   Now as far as reality tv show goes, this show is probably scripted, but I love this show!  I think what keeps me watching is the fact that the Wahlberg family and their bond are truly what the show is about.  So rather than going for [...]

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Foodie Travels: Brunch and Lunch in Boston

After indulging in so much sugar during our cupcake tour we asked the hotel concierge for light lunch suggestions.  The concierge suggested Stephanie's on Newbury Street which was thankfully walking distance.  I love a walkable city, my hometown unfortunately is not. We made the scenic walk to Stephanie's with me stopping for pictures at every block.  We went for a table on the large patio allowing me to continue taking in the city and to people watch.  I did not get a chance to venture inside so I cannot speak for the set up in the restaurant. One of the [...]

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Foodie Travels: Boston Cupcake Crawl

Can I just say I love Boston! Well Boston in the summer because me and 20 feet of snow would not get along.  Boston is such a beautiful historic city and history will win me over any day.  I spent last weekend in New England, so be prepared for several posts! One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to try out the cities local cupcakeries.  In Boston, I took it up a notch by going on a cupcake crawl through Boston. Our tour met up at South End Buttery, a bakery/ cafe type restaurant.  There our [...]

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