Can I just say I love Boston! Well Boston in the summer because me and 20 feet of snow would not get along.  Boston is such a beautiful historic city and history will win me over any day.  I spent last weekend in New England, so be prepared for several posts! One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to try out the cities local cupcakeries.  In Boston, I took it up a notch by going on a cupcake crawl through Boston.


Our tour met up at South End Buttery, a bakery/ cafe type restaurant.  There our tour guide provided us red boxes for the cupcakes we wanted to save for later.  The tour included information about the bakeries, like how they started etc.The common theme among the owners of the bakeries was that they all started in some other realm, like law and made their foray into the baking world with little to no culinary experience.  South End Buttery, for an example is currently earned by an attorney.  After the background information, we received our first cupcake, a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  Really good and the icing had a real homemade taste to it that I enjoyed.


JPEG image-93C009380058-1

THEN we were off to the next stop. The tour involved a lot of walking.  We probably walked a few miles around Boston, but considering the amount of sweets we were consuming it was a needed balance.  The next stop was Flour, a restaurant bakery that also serves cupcakes. There we had a chocolate cupcake with a whipped vanilla icing.  The cupcake was good, but the icing is what stood out to me.  It was light and more whipped cream like than the typical butter cream you have at cupcakes.


Outside of Flour!

JPEG image-DE8F955500DF-1

The tour moves quickly, so we once we downed our small mini cakes we are off to the next stop.  This time it was a quiet cafe called Finale.  The owners of this shop really wanted to impress us.  They proved us with plates that include a selection of three cupcakes.  Only three stops in and I was already saying OH NO it’s too much!!! I ate the red velvet cupcake and saved the rest for later.  It was typical of red velvet cupcakes.  What stood out to me here though were the other beautiful desserts that the restaurant offers.JPEG image-7704B183F6B4-1

IMG_6464More of the desserts at finale. 

Part of our tour took us through Newbury Street, which is the “fancy” part of Boston. Similar to the Galleria area in Houston.  I love to people watch, especially in new places.  It was fun to watch Bostonians move through through their city.  I swear Boston invented preppy.  Everyone was decked out in their best J Crew or Ralph Lauren summer outfits.  I loved it. IMG_6472Our first stop on Newbury Street was Georgetown Cupcakes, the only true Cupcakery on the tour.  I spent about a year in the DC area after law school, so I was very familiar with Georgetown cupcakes.   Like any cupcake aficionado I also watched their show DC cupcakes. The look and taste is true to original location and Georgetown.  Here we had a cheesecake cupcake with a cookie bottom and chocolate ganache icing.  Very fancy and very good.IMG_6475


JPEG image-99340D4A0C99-1

Our second to last stop was to Johnny’s Cupcakes.  The sign outside was a cupcake with a cross bone so I immediately assumed that it would be a more masculine cupcake shop.  Well turns out it’s not a cupcake shop at all. It’s a t-shirt shop that uses cupcakes as a theme. So we would not be disappointed, they did offer us cupcakes from a shop named Momental Cupcakes.  These cupcakes were good and rich.  After four previous stops, I couldn’t finish the cupcake.  I thought this stop was really genius though, because it allowed you to pick up Boston cupcake themed souvenirs while on the tour.  I grabbed a simple Boston shirt that came with a cute Johnny Cupcakes box similar to the kind you would get a bakery and a cupcake crossbones pin.

JPEG image-F8A58C7A5E4D-1


IMG_6484 2

My t-shirt box.


My t-shirt, not a great pic but I love it! 

When we walked up to our last stop I was a tad bit disappointed.  It was Cold Stone, which is everywhere including Houston.   Well they quickly shut me up when they handed me an ice cream cupcake.  The cupcake liner is actually chocolate. There is a tiny bit of cake at the bottom topped with vanilla icing and pink frosting.  Surprisingly, it was one of my favorite cupcakes from the tour.

JPEG image-38BC5F87FD12-1

My Cold Stone ice cream cupcake.  Really good! 

I loved this tour and hope to find similar ones on my future trips.  I have gone on these types of tours in the past and the tour guides typically operate on tips only. So if you enjoy your tour make sure you tip well!