Saturday I had the pleasure of brunching with my Houston Food Blogger Collective crew at Liberty Kitchen Garden Oaks location!  Most of our events are during the week, so it was great seeing everyone on chill Saturday!  Keep reading for all of the details on Brunch at Liberty Kitchen Garden Oaks.

The Setup:

Liberty Kitchen has four locations and each has a unique look.   The Garden Oaks location is a beautiful house that fits the neighborhood, converted into a restaurant.  As you walk through you have to pay attention to all of the little decorative details.  On the outside, there are a few old school patio chairs anchored by potted plants behind them.  Then right inside the doors, the waiting area includes bright orange couches and a beautiful chandelier.

The rest of the space has such a beautiful color scheme that I just LOVE.  I want it all through my own home.  The beautiful blues and whites remind me of a beach which fits for a seafood restaurant.  For our brunch, we sat in the private room which looks just like a sun room in a home. The big beautiful windows are a food bloggers dream! All of the natural light served as well with our pictures.


I mean look at the wainscoting! So pretty!

The Drinks:

SO funny story! They set up the cocktails for a staged photo for the bloggers.  I of course push my way through to the front because I am extra! On my way back to my seat, I tripped over the edge of the leg of the table and knocked over ALL the cocktails! It felt like a scene from a 90’s sitcom! The good news is I got several pictures! The other bloggers, not so much!


The setup before I knocked it over LOL! How embarrassing!

For cocktails, Liberty Kitchen offers a bloody mary cart that allows guests to include tons of toppings for their drink.  We had our choice of several cocktails, but I opted for the liberty mimosa which has infused pineapple vodka!  This “mimosa” was more like drinking champagne straight, so for those that complain about the ratio of orange juice in a typical mimosa? This drink is for you!

The Appetizers

We started out our brunch with a few family style appetizers!  First up were the Chesapeake Crab Balls.  Y’all, these things are so good! They were probably my favorite appetizer. Up next was the costa brava cocktail of shrimp and fried oysters presented in a cocktail glass with chips.  I scooped out a bit of the shrimp and oysters and as you would expect they were fried well and seasoned.


Chesapeake Crab Balls!


Costa Brava Cocktail of Shrimp & Fried Oysters.

Mac and Cheese is totally my jam so as soon as they sat it down on the table, I was all like gimmie!!! Once I added a tad bit of salt to it, it was perfect! It was super creamy and made for a great sharing portion.


The Mac and Cheese!

Finally, they brought out a beautiful tray of deviled eggs.  So I am not a fan of deviled eggs no matter who makes them.  I passed on these and made sure to stalk everyone’s reactions to share with you all!  The consensus was that the toppings on the deviled eggs took these up a notch! Everyone seemed to love them.


I didn’t even eat them, but I got THE best pictures of them HA!


A little close up :).

The Entrees

Liberty Kitchen gave each of us a choice of four entrees red velvet pancake platter, frosted flake french toast, dixie fried chicken sliders and the real cowboy surfers donut bowl!  If you know me, you know good well I ordered the french toast… and loved every bit of it!!  The frosted flakes were not super sweet and more than anything added a crunchy texture to the dish which is different.  The addition of the Mexican coffee creme anglaise also takes this up a notch.  In a city with SO many signature french toast dishes, it is hard for a restaurant to stand out.  This french toast? Definitley wins for me!


Frosted Flake French Toast.

The Takeaway

Liberty Kitchen is SO pretty and the food is great too.  The bright venue just screams come brunch here.  With the private room, you can also host your own event there! Brunch at Liberty Kitchen Garden Oaks was a hit and I cannot wait to go back!