Apologies, it’s been sometime since I’ve done a favorite brunch list.  I have my reasons though.  There is a lot of pressure to pick favorites and I always feel like I am forgetting one.  Then add to that my brunching activities were pretty non-existent the last few years given all that has gone on in the world.  But as I’ve started getting out more, I’ve found myself wanting my own list of solid brunch places to visit.   So here is my 2022 Favorite Brunches list,  I will update it as I encounter more.

Let me also manage expectations, this list is not a list of brunch parties.  While I am a fan of so many of the popular ones in Houston, the draw typically is the crowd and music.  The food is a second thought.  This list is centered around places with great food and drinks.


Let’s just start with my favorite, Lucille’s.  A staple in the Museum District which has been holding down the brunch scene for years.  The croissant french toast, grits and chili biscuits are just a few of the must trys.

Brennan’s Houston

Brennan's of Houston-Shrimp and Grits

The New Orleans themed restaurant is a great place for a celebratory brunch or a meet up with friends.  It is a bit more of fine dining than other places on the list so keep that in mind.

Dish Society

I order their breakfast about once a month via UberEats.  It’s just that good!  I love their gouda grits and simple pancakes.  With locations around the city, you are likely to find one nearby.


Adair has made every brunch list of mine since the start of BGWB.  It is a simple neighborhood cafe in the Galleria area that has consistently served great food.



The Hashbrowns!

I made my first visit to Squable a few weeks ago and it basically inspired me updating this list.  Located in the Houston Heights, Squable is where you visit when you want something a little different for brunch.  For example, their hash browns have smoked trout roe with bacon fat.  And they are amazing!

Tiny No. 5/Tiny Boxwoods

I like to call these two locations, the spot for the ladies who lunch.  And while I don’t have that luxury, I like to pretend I am a lady who lunches on my off days!  Both locations serve great brunch dishes and baked goods like their famous chocolate chip cookies.


Whether you stay at the original downstairs or head to Hungry’s Upstairs (21+ and over), you are in for a treat during their brunch.  With mimosa flights and classic brunch favorites like Belgian waffles you really cannot go wrong.

State of Grace

Hush Puppies

Do be sure to order the hush puppies!

Here is a brunch spot that has seen me more than once.  Located in River Oaks, State of Grace provides some standard offerings like pancakes, but then switches it up a bit with additions like gumbo and hush puppies (topped with powdered sugar).   They also serve the perfect mimosa with JUST a splash of orange juice.

Cultivated F +B

Texas shaped waffle

Located in the Lancaster Hotel in Downtown Houston, Cultivated F+B is probably serving up one of the best brunches you have never heard of.   Their chef has curated a menu with so many great options like their churros and the Texas shaped waffle.

Local Foods

In my mind, Local Foods is where I go to get a good sandwich during lunch, but I went for brunch recently (still got my sandwich) and was pleasantly surprised!  They offer mimosas and other brunch drinks plus it is super chill.  You can also swing by for brunch in yoga pants and nobody would bat an eye.


White bowl of shrimp and grits

Savoir is one of the last restaurants to receive a full dedicated blog post from me.  It was just THAT good.  Their shrimp and grits are probably some of the best in the city.   Try them and thank me later.


A spot for the champagne lovers as the name implies, A’Bouzy has tons of champagne options and is generally a fun setup.

Davis Street

Steak and Eggs

Steak and Eggs from Davis Street. This photo is from March 2020, so the dish may look a little different now.

Davis Street really can do no wrong in my book so it should be no surprise that their brunch is a win too.

State Fare

There are two things that always stand out to me when I think of State Fare, their drink flights and the gigantic pancakes.  The pancakes are so big they give you a pizza box for to go orders!  While these descriptions seem like Instagram antics to get you in the restaurant, please note that their food is not just Texas sized, it’s also really good.

Daily Gather

Cinnamon Roll and Poppy Seed bread on brown board

A new concept in City Centre from the folks behind Dish Society, Daily Gather does all of the things that Dish Society does well with a few new menu items like brunch boards.  With large tables and conversation starters provided to each group, Daily Gather is curating a space where folks can engage while eating great food.  I would also say it is pretty family friendly too.

Sixty Vines

Shrimp on a bed of veggies on a white plate

I go to Sixty Vines way too much to not include them on this list.  The food is good, but one of my favorite aspects is that you can generally walk in and be seated immediately because the space is so large.

The Takeaway

Again, this list is not claiming to be the BEST or inclusive of every great option in Houston.  These are just some of my favorites and places that I have gone to more than once over their years.  As I encounter more great places this year I will update the list.

For the brunch parties, be sure to look at my Black Owned Nightlife blog post.  While it is framed as nighttime entertainment most of these places are curating some of Houston’s best brunches especially for Black professionals.   The one that I would add to that is Chapman and Kirby, while not Black owned the promoter is Black and has created one of Houston’s most popular brunch parties.