Before the world shut down, I attended a work Christmas dinner at Savoir Houston over in the Heights.  I was super impressed with the food, service, the restaurant and the cute bar next door.   My plan was to come back and take photos in the daylight for a blog post.  Well here we are, over a year later, but I finally made it back for a socially distant brunch with a friend.  I gotta say Savoir Houston may be the best brunch in town that you just did not know about.

The Setup

During my visit in 2019, I recalled using a valet for parking. This time, I saw no valet.  Just a few spots in a small parking plus street parking.  Instead of fighting for one of these spots, I opted to get a car wash across the street.   My car was “parked” at the car wash and I got a much needed car wash!

For the restaurant, inside there is a bar area just beyond the host stand.  Here, there are large booths and as well as a traditional bar area.  On the other side, you’ll find the main dining area which is spaced out well with respect to current guidelines.  They also have a semi-private room that opens up to the patio.   Both of these spaces were booked for private events.  Patio dining is still preferred, so I would recommend calling ahead to see if it is available.  For me, I went to the next best lit and socially distanced space, and grabbed a big booth in the bar area.   The closest table was two booths away and all the staff wore masks so we were pretty comfortable during our visit.

The Food

Two glasses of mimosas one red and one yello

First up, mimosas! I appreciated the variety of juices for their mimosas so I went for the pineapple while my friend grabbed a cranberry mimosa.  They offer carafes and have a good mimosa price.  Per usual, I asked them what champagne they used and was glad to hear it wasn’t the cheap stuff that so many local restaurants use now.

A croissant on a white plate and a cinnamon roll on a white plate

For the food, I could not pass up the opportunity to get the cinnamon roll that was topped with caramel.  Yes it was sugar on sugar, but I needed it! The cinnamon roll has some non-traditional elements like the layer of whipped cream, but it is SO good.  My friend grabbed the croissant for a starter which she enjoyed.  Highly recommend both.

Cinnamon Roll

With the entrees, I typically try to get something different from my friends, but the Charleston Shrimp and Grits called both of us.  I mean just look at… this dish was amazing from start to finish.   I will note that the portion was a little smaller, but since I started with the cinnamon roll it was the perfect portion.  There are quite a few other items on their menu that I would love to try like the salmon and brisket hash, but I will definitely be back for those shrimp and grits.

Shrimp and Grits on white plate

The Takeaway

Savoir Houston is the perfect quiet Saturday brunch spot in the Heights, with just enough bougie energy yet chill vibe.  Plus the food ain’t bad either.  In addition to brunch,they have happy hour throughout the week and have been running specials on wine when ordered to go.  Finally, next door to Savoir you’ll find Sip, a speakeasy cocktail lounge housed out of La Grande Rue retail shop.   Stop by there and enjoy drinks plus bites from Savoir.