Okay I am back to recapping my fabulous trip to Los Angeles. I am having to break it up by days, because I was greedy and ate way too much during that trip to put it in one post.  On day two, my body’s natural central time body clock clicked in and I was up and out before 9am.  The early tourists wins was my motto!!!

Breakfast at Roscoe’s

My sister was on team eager beaver tourist as well. Our first stop that morning was Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.  THE creator of the unique combo! This is a tourist hot spot, so arriving at the beginning of the breakfast rush was an excellent idea.  We were seated immediately, went with the chicken and waffles, and had our food within ten minutes. Win, win when you have a lot on the agenda!

As far as the food,  I left saying, Roscoe’s you may have created it, but let me tell ya my spot back home, the Breakfast Klub perfected it!!! Do not get me wrong, it was not bad, I just was expecting to be blown away and I was not.  The waffle was pretty good, but that chicken was in dire need of more seasoning.  My cousins stopped by the same location later in the afternoon and said it was the best chicken ever, so maybe we got a bad batch.


Taking a cue from Beyonce when it comes to posing with menus!


Hollywood Boulevard and Tour

After getting our fill of Roscoe’s we headed to Hollywood Boulevard to partake in the cliche tourist things, because that is what you are supposed to do! I posed with my favorites stars and put my feet in Marilyn Monroe’s heel prints.  I was soon over the walk of fame though.  Thankfully, a scout convinced us to see the rest of the city via a tour bus and ohhhh how I needed this tour.

The tour consisted of the areas that movies and television lead me to believe were quintessential Los Angeles.  We went up through the Hollywood Hills and gawked at celebrity homes.  All beautiful, but I cannot imagine living off of a cliff and driving up those windy roads at night!

Then we came down from the hills and went through Beverly Hills. *sighs* that is the moment that I felt I was officially in Los Angeles! The homes, the manicured streets, loved it all! I even saw PUMP bar, but sadly Lisa Vanderpump and the Real Housewives cameras were not milling about. Then there was the Beverly Hills hotel! I need to go back and recreate the Troop Beverly Hills campout!  Finally we cruised down Rodeo drive and I said to myself “I HAVE ARRIVED!” then I remembered that my wallet limits this “arrival” and cozied back up on my kitschy tour bus.

Coffee Shop Stop

After the tour bus dropped us back off in reality, we stopped over at Tiago Coffee Shop to warm up and charge our phones. I ordered a ganache hot chocolate and a rice krispy treat chocolate chip cookie.  First off I love anything ganache because it just sounds fancy! Then that cookie?! LAWD! There are little globs of marshmallow buttery goodness plus bits of rice krispies. Amazing! I actually recreated them when I got back to Houston (more on that in a later blog post!).

JPEG image-2AEAD9084798-1

Ganache Hot Chocolate and Rice Krispy Chocolate Chip Cookie

This way to Tiago!

This way to Tiago!

We explored the Hollywood area a little more by foot once our phones were up and running again.   We ended up in an area adjacent to Hollywood boulevard which was beautiful and less touristy.  Next, we stopped inside Urban Outfitters and a trip to the outdoor bathroom lead me to a beautiful shared courtyard.  It was there that I discovered Umami, a chill burger spot.  I had the Manly burger, which has a house beer cheddar, bacon lardons, umami’s ketchup and a mustard spread.  It also comes with onion strings.  This burger was perfection. Plus we ate on the patio in the beautiful courtyard.  It was a perfect end to our super tourist day!

The Manly

The Manly Burger from Umami.

Stay tuned for my final post on my trip to Los Angeles! It will probably be the best one yet!

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