By day three in Los Angeles, my body did not know what way was up! We slept most of the day away, *sighs* I guess I only can be an efficient traveler for one day at a time. I am not a big fan of Fast Food anymore, because that seems to be the thing to say nowadays.  While in a pinch and becoming very hangry, I made a trip to Pollo Loco for food to feed the troops!  Once I walked in and saw the chickens grilling and smelling all kind of delicious,  I knew I made a good food choice. The chicken was pretty good for fast food fare while the sides were nothing to write home about.

Griffith’s Observatory

After feeding the crew, I forced everyone to head to Griffith’s Observatory to witness the best views of Los Angeles.   It was extremely windy and cold near the Observatory.  Not only did the wind make it difficult to take pictures, it was ruthless to my high bun! Nonetheless we still snapped a million pictures of the Hollywood sign and some group photos that I must share here because we were all so cute! The LA smog killed the view a bit, but you can really see all the way to the ocean from up there.  It is free and I highly recommend it for any LA tourist!

Oh we also stopped at the Amoeba Record Store to browse for a second. I have never seen so many records, albums, books and DVDs under one roof.  Pretty cool spot.

Barton G’s

Finally, on my last night in Los Angeles I went to Barton G’s and my little foodie loving heart exploded!!!! A little background. I first learned of Barton’s on Instagram.  I saw a picture of a girl posing with a giant mound of cotton candy and knew I needed to be in that establishment sooner than later!  Barton G’s has two locations one in Miami and the other in LA.  Both restaurants are all about creating fun unique experiences with food! To do that, they ditched the typical plates or even charger plates you see at fancy restaurants.  Every dish is presented in a unique way that typically is a play on words.

We wanted to keep ordering so that we could see how everything came out.  We also found ourselves gawking at others tables as their dishes came out as they did with us. It was SUCH an amazing experience. Hands down one of my favorite foodie experiences of all time.  Pictures explain it better than I ever can, but note the food is actually REALLY good! I came in believing that since the focus is on presentation, the flavors and qualities would be an afterthought, but no. The food really looks as good as it tastes! Loved it.






Well this concludes my Los Angeles wrap up! Now that my cousin is officially a Los Angeles resident I am sure I will be back for more visits.  Next time, hopefully it will be warmer and I can spend some time nearer to the water.

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