Calling all Houston Foodies, restaurant weeks is upon us!  Houston Restaurant Weeks (HRW) starts on August 1st and goes through Labor Day Weekend  For those newer to the city, during the month of August, Houston restaurants feature unique menus for brunch, lunch and dinner ranging from $25-55.  These meals are generally two to three courses at some of Houston’s best (and often most expensive) restaurants.   The best part?  A portion of the proceeds goes to the Houston Food Bank.   By 2022, HRW had raised $18.8 million dollars for the Houston Food Bank.  Each year people slide into my DMs asking what are the best restaurants for HRW.  It’s been awhile since I’ve made a list, but I had time today!  So here is a list of Houston Restaurant Weeks Recommendations.

Things to Know

The list below is just sharing a few places to visit for HRW, but please be sure to check their website for specific details as each restaurant has their own rules for HRW.   For example, this is generally dine in only although some places will allow for take out. However, that will be noted on the website when they do.   Other restaurants require guests to make a reservation to use the HRW menu, so be sure to do that so you will not be disappointed.

Some restaurants will include items from their regular menu on the HRW menu while others will create new items for it.   There are some restaurants that will create smaller portions to compensate for the cheaper price.  Those generally do not end up being a HRW fave!

The most important thing to know is, HRW is your chance to try places that you may have not tried because there is a lot less risk with a $25 two course-lunch menu.


If you are looking for your favorite brunch spot on the list, you may not find it.  Generally, restaurants see HRW as a way to get guests to try them outside of their normal visit.  So for places known for brunch, you’ll end up seeing them with just a dinner or lunch menu (i.e. Bloom & Bee).  Also be sure to check on what days they offer the brunch menu because some may offer it on Saturday and Sunday while others may only have it on Sunday.

51fifteen Cocktails and Cuisine

Located inside of Saks in the Galleria, 51fifteen generally has a great HRW menu. This year’s brunch has three courses including a dessert.

Brennan’s of Houston

Brennan’s is another one that offers up such a great menu for HRW! Another three course option for brunch plus they’ve added some of their classic dishes like the turtle soup.  I may just go to try the duck kolache!

Roots Wine Bar

Most people head to Roots to enjoy their wine on tap.  However, they do have great food.  They’ve added a brunch menu to HRW which includes a welcome mimosa.

City Cellars HTX

City Cellars is always packed for brunch when I drive by so I imagine their HRW brunch menu will bring a good crowd.  It’s a two course menu with a little something for everyone. They also added in a mimosa carafe deal for HRW diners.

Black Owned

There was a time where there used to be just one or two Black owned restaurants featured on the HRW list!  Now there are tons, and I probably missed a few because the list is long.   This is telling of the growth we have seen in Black restaurants over the last few years.   If you plan on visiting several places during the month of August, make sure that one of these is on your list.

Also please note that Houston does have a Black Restaurant Weeks event that occurs in April so keep an eye out for that as well.


Located in Downtown Houston, Bungalow offers guests a more high end dining experience.  Their HRW menu is no exception.  Both the brunch and dinner menus include great dishes like a filet mignon and wagyu meatballs.

Davis Street

One of my personal faves, Davis Street will have a brunch and dinner menu for HRW.  The three course brunch menu with items like charbroiled oysters and bourbon battered french toast definitely caught my eye.

FRNDS Restaurant & Lounge

FRNDS is a fairly new concept over in Rice Village from the creators of Bungalow.   For HRW, they will offer a $39 dinner menu with three courses.  Note, that most restaurants only offer the $55 dinner option, so this is a great deal.

Gatsby’s Prime Steakhouse

Now my friend My Southern Brand tells me that Gatsby’s was recently bought out and is now Black owned, so we are going to include them on the list.  Guests here can enjoy a traditional steakhouse menu with three courses for $55.


If you are looking for something a little different, Juliet would be a good pick.  The outside facade is a movie theater, then when you enter it’s a cute restaurant.  Juliet’s menu has some good items like a snickerdoodle bread pudding, but I tell everyone, truly their best attribute are their cocktails so make sure you get one… or two.

Kiss Houston

Kiss is offering just a dinner menu, with several options like a NOLA stuffed chicken and hummingbird cake.


Now, I feel the need to note that Kamp IS a bar that serves food.  So please do not roll up here expecting a fine dining experience.  There will be some twerking and loud music.  The food will be good too and you will have fun!  But please make sure you arrive with the right expectations! Kamp will have a brunch, lunch and dinner menu.

Lost & Found

As with Kamp, Lost & Found is also a bar.  It’s open till 2am on the weekends.  But they do serve great food, so I am not surprised they are on the HRW list.   In fact, even my dad has been for lunch with his co-workers.  For HRW, Lost & Found will have a brunch, lunch and dinner menu available.  What stands out to me most, are the vegetarian options.


Lucille’s will offer lunch and dinner for HRW.  Yes, that means they will not have their popular brunch available so please keep that in mind.   Their $39 dinner menu, again most are now $55, has three courses.  It includes many popular items from Lucille’s like fried green tomatoes and the yardbird.

Prospect Park

One of my friends has long said that Prospect Park had one of the best lunch menus in the Galleria area.  And yes, this menu does look pretty good with items like oxtails and boudin balls.


Rockhouse is offering their dinner menu with items like their soul rolls and fried chicken with sides.  While, their brunch isn’t included on HRW, I am hosting a brunch there on August 12th.   Grab your tickets here.

Southside Sporting Club

Guests can take advantage of the HRW menu at Southside Sporting Club for dinner and brunch.  Brunch includes biscuits, egg rolls and french toast options.

Upper Kirby Bistro

Serving a lunch and dinner menu, guests of Upper Kirby Bistro can find options like gumbo, chicken piccata and southern fried pork chop.

The Warwick

The Warwick will have a lunch and dinner menu for HRW.  Both include some of my favorite items like the spinach and artichoke dip and the bread pudding.

Good Deals/Steakhouses

As I said above, HRW is the best time to try Houston’s fancy expensive restaurants especially steakhouses!  Here are a few places where you really get a deal through these menus.


Located in the River Oaks District, you can spend a pretty penny ordering all of their delicious tapas.  Their dinner menu is a $55 four course options with many of the highlights that make MAD a great restaurant.

B&B Butchers

They usually have the most visitors during HRW and it’s because they always give a great menu!  This is one of my favorite Houston restaurants and if you have never been HRW is a great time to go.

Mastro’s Steakhouse

Their menu has tons of options and features one of my favorite items, the warm butter cake.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

A classic steakhouse located in the Galleria, Del Frisco’s is generally another popular pick for HRW.   Their dinner menu has tons of options and add ons within their four courses.  I mean where else are you going to get a gorgonzola fondue.

Georgia James Steak

Another great Houston steakhouse, to visit during August.   The dinner menu includes crab, chicken and of course a few steak options.  Here is an IG reel from my visit to Georgia James.

New Places

Here are a few newish places in Houston that did the right thing by joining the HRW list!  For restaurants, they love the opportunity to donate to the Houston Food Bank, but also find it as a great way to get their name out there to new customers.   Let me give you a few new restaurants that you probably will enjoy as well.

The Chelsea

Generally a small bites/shareable styled restaurant, for HRW guests can enjoy a more traditional coursed out meal.  Check out my visit to The Chelsea a few weeks back here.

The Lymbar

A Spanish restaurant located inside of the Ion building in midtown, Lymbar is a fun cute spot.  For their HRW menu, they have gone with some fun items too like twinkies.


You have probably seen MUSE all over your instagram because it is a REALLY cute restaurant.  Check out my visit over on my IG here.  But clearly, they want you to remember that they are also a good restaurant too!


Easily one of my favorite new restaurants from the last year.  Located in the Montrose Collective, Marmo is the spot for pasta lovers! The three course dinner includes some of their most popular dishes like the squid pasta.

Lee’s Den

If you loved Benjy’s, you’ll love Lee’s Den (it’s the same owner).  It is kind of a speakeasy vibe, located above the Local Foods in Rice Village.   Their menu has a little bit of everything like ribs and fried rice.

Graffiti Raw

Also in the Montrose Collective, Graffiti Raw has some unique dishes.  A four course menu with cod croquettes and red fish ceviche.

Eau Tour

I haven’t been to Eau Tour just yet, but I’ve heard great things.  For HRW, guests can enjoy olive cakes and a blanco soup with crab.

The Takeaway

A few other spots that just didn’t fit in the categories above that I love, Toro Toro, Willie G’s, Bayou & Bottle,  Ambrosia, Lalucha, KP’s Kitchen, Savoir, Indianola, Blanco Tacos & Tequila, NoPo Cafe, Hughie’s, Fig & Olive, Traveler’s Table and Postino.

Lots of great options on the list and in the past, I’ve noticed that they add more up until August 1st so be sure to check back.  This list is primarily places that I have been or that I am familiar with.  I did see this list from Culture Map that included lots of places that I had not heard of so be sure to check that out as well.

What are some places you plan to visit?  Drop them in the comments.