Happy June! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a restaurant list, but June, my birthday month, is a great time to bring it back.  For me, once summer hit, the streets are calling me!  And as you all can imagine, my favorite outing will forever and always be a good restaurant.   Here are some Houston Restaurants to Visit in June 2023.


Woman in striped dress holding cocktail

Where vibes and good food meet! Muse is a beautiful restaurant and likely to be a popular hot spots for years to come.  The draw here is the look of the restaurant with the cherry blossom trees and pink lighting. And we know, when they go for cute they often forget about everything else!  Here, though the drinks were top notch as well as the food.  Take the opportunity to dress up for your visit here.


Picnik Houston

Gluten Free Chicken Tenders

Gluten Free Chicken Tenders

When they first tore down the shopping center where the Montrose Collective is, I had no vision for what the new development could be, but I continue to be impressed! They are steadily adding additional restaurants and businesses, most recently is Picnik a concept from Austin.   It will put you in the mind of True Food Kitchen with a slightly different vibe and aesthetic.  Here guests can enjoy gluten free, dairy free and also no added sugar dishes.  And while they may scream “boring” and “no flavor” to many of us, I can assure you the food is excellent!  They also have a full bar with excellent cocktails, my favorite being the Cherry Limeade.

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad for dessert

Loaded smashed potatoes

Loaded smashed potatoes with cashew cheese (pleasantly surprised about that)

Gypsy Poet

I saw a fellow blogger post about Gypsy Poet highlighting their famous pepperoni pizza and honey.  Now, I’m not very much of an adventurous eater, but I was curious so I went to try it.  I’m here to tell you that pepperoni and honey go together like peanut butter and jelly! I loved it and think many of you will too.


Noodles from Loro

I was late to the Loro party because when it first opened it was crowded!  You add a concept from famed Aaron Franklin to Houston and lines are to be expected.  You can enjoy dishes that play on the barbecue that made Franklin famous with a bit of Asian flavors.  It is a fast casual restaurant where you order at a counter (I did not expect that), but they truly are serving up unique dishes that you will love!


Wagyu Sandwich

Wagyu Sandwich

Billed as a steakhouse on Allen Parkway, Andiron to me is a bit more than that. It’s a smaller, intimate restaurant with a dark New York style vibe.  While you can expect steakhouse type dishes, there are so many other options that I would bet you cannot get elsewhere in the city.  I loved the wagyu dishes we tried and many of their appetizers. Also note that their portions especially for the sides are smaller and not as shareable as other steakhouses.

Two Cocktails

Their cocktails are great!


Soul rolls

Their soul rolls are so good!

From the creators of spots like Prospect Park and Bar 5015, comes Rockhouse.  Located on the famous Richmond strip, Rockhouse offers guests an opportunity to chill on a large patio, listen to live music and enjoy great drinks and food.  I hosted a happy event there a few weeks back that everyone loved!

Rockhouse section booths

Hidden Omakase

Hidden Omakase Sign

Okay so first I tried Sushi by Hidden (the cheaper, faster concept) and I went in not knowing what to expect but I actually loved it! Over the memorial holiday weekend we were looking for a unique dining experience for the holiday weekend and found an opening for Hidden Omakase, the big brother concept.   Hidden has a set menu of over 10 courses for about $150+.  It is also BYOB and they will provide some house-made sake at the start of the dinner.

Sushi dish

Hands down this is one of the best dining experiences I have ever had.  It is interactive with them preparing each bite in front of you and explaining it you.  They play old school hip hop throughout and we of course made friends with the other guests and had a singalong (likely to the chagrin of some of the guests OH WELL).  It wins on all levels for me!

Blood Bros BBQ

BBQ Plate

Long called one of the best barbecue spots in Houston, I finally got a chance to try it out Blood Bros while on that side of town. Like most spots in Texas, the brisket is good and the sausage. I think my favorite thing may have been the barbecue sauces that were Houston themed! So cute.


Pink cocktail

A champagne cocktail will always be a win for me

My first thought was what’s with all of these new Italian restaurants?? We already have Marmo, how is Zanti going to offer something different less than 5 minutes away in the River Oaks shopping center? I stopped by Zanti with friends for happy hour to check it out.  Happy Hour specials are limited to $2 off their signature cocktails.  In terms of food, they have gone for a more expansive Italian menu compared to Marmo and the items I nibbled on and saw looked good.  I’ll be back soon enough for a full dinner.  In terms of the crowd, it was packed and definitely the typical River Oaks crowd.

Where are you all eating this month? Drop it in the comments!