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So last week I did a few things that I do not typically do.  I went to a franchise restaurant in the burbs *gasps*  Hear me out before you hit the unsubscribe button though.  After being invited a couple of times to check out the new Old Chicago location in Katy, I decided to take their team up on their offer.  Their enthusiasm about Old Chicago was contagious so I broke a few of my normal Black Girls Who Brunch stipulations and tried it.  Plus I had fond memories of splurging on meals at Old Chicago while in college in Missouri, so what could I lose right?

Drinks: As the full name implies, Old Chicago is serious about their bar and beer!  The beer menu was one of the largest I have seen and according to google, their bar is open until 2am, so it really is your traditional bar.  There were tv’s all around the bar so I take it, this is a good spot to grab some beers you can’t get everywhere else while watching your favorite team.

The bar area. Plenty of tvs!

The bar area. Plenty of televisions!


One of the beers!


I started out with appetizers because the menu included too many for me to skip that course.  The waitress recommended the Sicilian pepperoni rolls and then the parmesan fries had my name written all over them.  The pepperoni rolls were by far the best thing I had that evening! Perfect amount of cheese and cooked until they golden brown and crispy *swoons*  After devouring that whole order I remembered I still needed to get an entree. Suffice it to say most of that entree was boxed to go home because of these pizza rolls! So good!  The fries were just okay to me.  The toppings gave them the needed kick, but I wanted to throw them back in the fryer until they were just a bit crispier.  My friend who came along thought they were better than some of my go to french fry spots, so I guess others with different palates may enjoy them as well.

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Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls

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Parmesan garlic fries!

Since pizza is what they are known for, pizza is what I ordered for my entree!  Their menu includes a lot of other typical Italian decisions as well like pastas and calzones.  I went for one of the white sauce options, the Tuscan Chicken Pizza with spinach, garlic and a lemon vinaigrette.  These are all ingredients that I like separately, but rarely put together on a pizza.  It came together quite well, I must say!  Like the pepperoni rolls, it was cooked to perfection so the cheese and the crust were a golden brown.  Plus the chicken had a great flavor too.  Also, my leftovers were equally good the next day when I devoured them for lunch.  My friend ordered a more traditional pizza with red sauce, the Chicago 7 and liked it as much as I liked mine.  I would still pick mine over his, but again everyone has different tastes!

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Tuscan Chicken Pizza with spinach hold the tomatoes.

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The Chicago 7 pizza with pepperoni, Italian sausage, red onions, black olives, green peppers and sliced mushrooms.

Service: While I enjoyed the food, I have to be honest about an area that left me disappointed :(.  When I disclose that I am a food blogger while at a restaurant, the service of course is stepped up.  I realize this and often try NOT to disclose beforehand so I can receive the true to form service.  Well in this case, I came in without my shield of anonymity and for the first time the staff did not rise to the occasion!   Excluding the super accommodating bar manager, Old Chicago is ran by parade of disinterested teens who are probably stealing away every moment they can to text their friends or boyfriend, while my water cup runs low.  I get it and I do not mean to be judgy because we have all been there, me included!  I was just disappointed at the mistakes, cleanliness and gaps in time between service.

Overall: The issues I saw are easily fixed and would not prevent me from encouraging someone to check it out because the food is good!

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