I’m back!! After two weekends straight of traveling, I am finally back home and able to update my blog! For those of you that follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you saw my foodie adventures in Nashville and Los Angeles in real time.  For those of you who don’t follow me, you should (Click the links to the right to add me!)

The snow *heavy sigh*

The snow *heavy sigh*

First up for recap,  my work trip to Nashville! *turns on the two country songs I have downloaded on iTunes for inspiration* While my go to genre of music is R&B, my love of the show Nashville created a new appreciation for country music and the city itself.   I was excited to explore the Grand Ole Opry, listen to some undiscovered talent at the Bluebird Cafe and OF course see what the Nashville food scene had to offer! I had high hopes for this trip, I really did, but alas a random winter storm came just after I landed in Nashville and threw my whole trip for a loop.  Instead of scoping out touristy spots and restaurants, I spent my days frantically checking Southwest to ensure that my flight home was not cancelled.

Before the snow storm, I managed to visit one local restaurant, the Farm House.  Since the dinner was organized by the conference I attended I had to check the menu ahead of time to see if it was blog worthy.  From the website I learned that Farm House is a farm to table restaurant that includes unique spins on local fare.  I was all for it!  My group arrived early and sat at the bar until the rest of our group arrived.  While waiting I sipped on a Nashville 75, their spin on a French 75.  I felt right at home with their legal folder drink menu!  As far as the food… I was like ohh wow with some of thhe dishes. Cow tongue? And a million things I had never heard of!  We were brave and ordered the charcuterie board which included things like sock sausage, pickled fennel and rabbit liver pate.  I probably have all this spelled wrong, but the names of the items were crazy.  Despite my initial misgivings, everything was really good especially the pate!! Great choice for an appetizer with drinks.

After the rest of the group had arrived, we ordered entrees and appetizers.  The new KFC menu (yes THAT KFC) alerted me to the popularity of Nashville Hot Chicken.  It is typically fried chicken dipped in hot sauce, reminiscent of buffalo wings in my opinion. At Farm House, it was grilled, but I am all about local fare so I ordered that with the fried broccolini.  I genuinely enjoyed both dishes.

JPEG image-7A1F8FEC16CB-1

The HOT chicken!

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I could not leave without a dessert.  The menu described my dessert as a “sorta moon pie”.  I took one bit into the marshmallow filling and the graham brownie and decided this is a deconstructed s’mores, not a moon pie! After hitting a few gift shops around town, I soon learned that moon pies are a “thing” in Nashville.  According to my favorite internet source Wikipedia, the Moon Pies factory is in Chattanooga, Tennessee so proximity explained the popularity.  So it definitely was a moon pie and not a s’mores. All the same it was glorious. Hands down my favorite thing I had that day.

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Unfortunately, the Farm House was pretty much the only restaurant I tried while in Nashville. I spent much of the trip snowed in and scavenging the hotel for dinner options.  I do want to go back to Nashville though, when it is warm and I have time to see the touristy spots!

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