On the drive to Austin from Houston one of my must stops is to Buc-ee’s right off of 71 highway in Bastrop, Texas.  Do not for a second make the mistake of thinking that this place is JUST a convenience store.    First of it is bigger than most convenience stores, because truly everything is bigger in Texas.  With it’s larger size, Buc-ee’s is able to go beyond typical convenience store fare of chips and drinks and include a variety of other food options.

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They have fudge! What store do you know with fudge that they even let you sample? I sampled a red velvet fudge that tasted just like the cake. 

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They even have a full on bakery with cookies, cinnamon rolls and kolaches, a Texas staple. 


We get excited when we come to Bucee’s as you can see! They sell country styled decor. It’s not my style but I’m sure someone loves it. 


I was checking out the parfaits.  They have every type of food that you can think of for a road trip. There is even a huge jerky counter in back, plus a barbecue counter. 

In short, this place is amazing, so do not pass it up when you see it on the Texas highways!